and ANOTHER giveaway..

To enter in the Bamboletta Giveaway – please leave a comment on the May 28th post – just a post below! Please do not comment on this post to enter!

Yes, another one over here at Soulemama! This one ends on Sunday 12pm EST.

Why 2 giveaways? Well – I haven’t done one in a few months (I try to be regular with my giveaways) and I thought I’d give everyone a doubl-y chance to enter to win.

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Okay- I have to go, but I’ll blog later!







28 responses to “and ANOTHER giveaway..”

  1. Mickey Avatar

    What a beautiful doll. Your creations are thoughtfully crafted and made with love.

  2. Jen Avatar

    Those dolls are adorable! My little girl would love one!

  3. celeste Avatar

    What beautiful dolls! How does one sign up for your newsletter? I’m seeing “subscribe to blog” but not the newsletter…. Great looking blog!

    1. admin Avatar

      hi celeste! you just click ‘back to shop’ then click on ‘subscribe to my newsletter’

  4. Sarah Avatar

    Just saw your beautiful dolls on SouleMama’s blog. They are absolutely adorable!

  5. Stacy Brenner Avatar

    This would be the perfect birthday gift for rmy soon to be 3 year old. Thank you for your gift of creativity in the world.

  6. bora Avatar

    Hey, Delilah; what about a trip to beautiful Switzerland? It’s quite nice here, I swear.. Why don’t you come over; a happy little family is waiting there for you to move in!

  7. OM Avatar

    So sweet. I (and my two-year-old) love her!

  8. Aya Avatar

    My little neice saw this little doll and would love to snuggle her, she said. Would love to give her a home (and some fresh baked oatmeal cookies!) Thanks for the offer, blessed be.

  9. Linda Stevenson Avatar
    Linda Stevenson

    She is perched in a tree, looking for adventure – just as my daughter is wont to do!

  10. Jen Avatar

    So gorgeous- we we would love for her to join our family !

  11. charlee jean Avatar
    charlee jean

    we love your dolls sooo much….my daughter is such the little mama..she would be thrilled to have one…thanks!

  12. cheryl Avatar

    Blossom is so cute, we would be happy to have her in our home, I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  13. Linnea Avatar

    These dolls are so beautiful. Our family would certainly love one of these dolls…so it may just have to go on our wish list. 🙂

  14. Erika Avatar

    My little baby boy is beginning to love his soft toys with hugs and cuddles, I would love for him to have a doll
    handmade so beautifully!

  15. Jennifer Avatar

    Here is to hoping that I (my daughter) will get picked! I always enjoy window shopping!

  16. Bugaboo Baby & You - Sarah Avatar

    I have wanted one of these for my daughter for a very long time now:))) They are beautiful and can’t wait to see one in person some day!

  17. Kristen Avatar

    Oh, my girls will be able to make a wonderful home for your little dollie (if picked!) Thanks. =)

  18. mel Avatar

    Oh I’m so sad I missed out posting on BOTH giveaways! Really love the “Ocean” doll in your out of stock items. Had a look at some of your flickr and found some fave’s in there too!

  19. Heather Avatar

    I have three little girls who would absolutely love this beautiful doll! We’ll keep our fingers crossed…

  20. Michelle Avatar

    I have never seen anything like this before. My girls and I would be honored to have her in our family.

  21. Mira Avatar

    Our little Emilia would love to take care and play with a beautiful doll like yours, please pick us!

  22. Elizabeth Wilkinson Avatar
    Elizabeth Wilkinson

    I didn’t have dolls growing up, and now, with an almost 9 month old, I am melting at her loving dolls. What a beautiful thing for her to express love and tenderness to her baby!

    I would be honored if this doll could help both of us learn about love and tenderness!

  23. hanachan Avatar

    truly lovely and delightful – our son would love to be her mama, best friend, papa, pirate captain, and faithful companion.
    thank you for all your effort to bring more beauty in the world.

  24. Melissa Scala Avatar


  25. Heidi Johnson Avatar
    Heidi Johnson

    Too cute for words! LOve your work. I secretly want a doll just for me,but one for my daughter first!

  26. Amy Harrison Avatar
    Amy Harrison

    Love your dolls!