(there is supposed to be a picture here but since i’ve changed over to the store, i can’t upload pics – hmm.. )

Everyone, really – you guys are amazing. Thanks so much for all the lovely comments about the store and well wishes for the boys! They are definetly on the up. We’ve been spending the past few days at this beach close by. This beach is the ultimate digging beach – lots and lots of treasures. We just kind of stumbled upon it last week while I was doing an ‘epic drive so my child can sleep’ (so, so bad for the environment, I know – but Jasper was only able to sleep while in the sitting position). It’s at the end of a country road and in the 6 times we’ve been there’s never been anyone else there – heaven.

As for the store – I could not have dreamed of it going better – aside from currency converter glitches, it’s been awesome. I’ve been busy today packing up orders and prepping new dolls to upload onto the shop, which I will do tomorrow at nap time. I will do my doll uploads on Fridays , like I was doing on Etsy before – just to make life easier. I’m working still on the content, eg – FAQ, About Us, etc – but I think these are things you can work on forever.

I can’t tell you how relaxing this is to just sit and blog right now. It’s been hectic here, no childcare, my custom work, website launch and 2 very sick little boys. This launch was timed in with an exciting piece (well – 2 pieces!) of press that is coming our way – one which involves a Doll Giveaway! More info about this on Sunday -I’ll send out a newsletter about it.

Couple of favorite things (trying to stay on the Fav Thursday theme) .. ‘Horse Feathers’ song ‘Curs in the Weeds’ so, beautiful – it’s been like a mental massage listening to this album.

I want to put more things on here – but my program is acting funny and I can’t post links or pictures – I’ll be back tomorrow with more!!








6 responses to “amazing!”

  1. Ann Bachhuber Avatar
    Ann Bachhuber

    So glad to hear your boys are better…said a prayer for you when I read that the store was late to open. Looks beautiful…lovely items & wonderful dolls. If I didn’t have a water pipe break in the concrete floor of my house, I would purchase another wonderful doll…but it will have to wait. My best to you. Thank you for all you do.

  2. Monica Avatar

    Oh my Christina!! Look how wonderful!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS ON SUCH AN AMAZING STORE!! I am so excited for you!!

  3. CanCan Avatar

    I can’t wait to see the next beauty to be given away! I wish I had techie know-how to help with your pictures issue.

  4. dottyspots Avatar

    Do you need to check permissions on the files?

    Are you using your blog programme to upload files? If so, you could try uploading photos to the server and then linking to them inside the post so they show?

  5. pascaline Avatar

    thanks to share one of your doll with one of us again soon.. and congratulation for the launch… all went well then !!
    take care

  6. Alison Avatar

    Congratulations on the launch of the new shop. I’m looking forward to meeting “O’s” custom doll in a couple of months. I hope your sons are getting better now.

    Best wishes,


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