advice and another contest!

I’m going to be doing some advertising in the next little while. I’m in the process of designing my ad with Shoshanna over at Aeolidia, the same great lady who did my website. Anyhow, I want to put in a picture of a close up of a doll. The ad is quite small so I think a close up of one of the dolls would have the most ‘impact’. I’ve narrowed it down to 6 faces but I can’t decide which one. So here is the contest part- tell me which doll you like the best in a comment and on August 9th I will randomly select a comment and award a New 10 inch Bamboletta Doll to that person! Easy, peasy. For some reason I can’t get text in close to the pics so I’ve assigned numbers to each doll. They are #1 blonde/ striped sweater, #2 blonde/ green flowers, #3 red hair/ rainbow sweater, #4 brown hair, blue sleeper #5 blonde/red sweater, #6 copper/ green top. I chose a lot of blondes, I love other hair colours too..the blondes really show off all the kinds of yarns I use. I think this is one of my ‘signature’ things.




Thanks so much for your help, and best of luck to you!



**Looks like Number 3 is the favorite so far! Just so you know this is open to everyone..all countries because the shipping on the little ones isn’t too bad**






104 responses to “advice and another contest!”

  1. Holly Avatar

    My favourite is definitely #3 red hair/ rainbow sweater, but a close second fave is #5 blonde/blue sweater.

    I can understand why you’re finding it so hard to choose – they’re all so gorgeous!

  2. Meike Avatar

    I’m probably not eligible for the contest since I’m way too far abroad, but I’d like to participate anyhow so you’ll have many votes! 🙂 They’re all lovely, lovely dolls, but since it’s a small ad, my first choice would be #3, the red haired sweetie with the rainbow sweater, because she’ll be the most well-defined in such a small space and she very clearly shows a the Bamboletta doll’s signature features! Close seccond would be #2, blonde/ green flowers.

  3. tab Avatar

    no. 3 is my first pick as the red hair is very eye catching(also my favourite bamboletta hair colour,lol) i also really like how the sweater just ties in all the colours of the doll.

  4. Naomi Avatar

    Roo picked #3 (but she says Jasper needs #4 and I need #6!)

  5. Sue Avatar

    I too would say the doll with the red hair. She would represent your dolls very wellI think. :0)

  6. lisa b Avatar

    #3 red hair/ rainbow sweater – She just looks fun

  7. Amber Avatar

    I like #3 best, too. I think the rainbow colours add a signal about diversity and all that good stuff, too. My second fave is #6 – the freckles are too cute!

  8. Monica Avatar

    Well, I adore them all…but Emma wants # 3 to come live with us…so I suppose that’s our vote!
    Though, I personally adore #6. Those freckles!!!
    I agree that choosing is so hard. All your dolls are gorgeous and have such personality. I can’t wait to see your new ads!

  9. Kristin Avatar

    I love #6. She is adorable! The mix of freckles, great hair, and gentle face really show the personality of your dolls.

  10. Emilie Avatar

    They are all so cute, but I really love the red-head with the rainbow sweater. That shot really shows off her cute face and also shows the beautiful sweater that so many of your dolls come with.

  11. Paula Avatar

    #6 Copper/green top – I think her face is adorable, and the colors pop. I agree that the sweaters are great, and this is a good sweater to show, but this is a close-up and won’t show off the sweater that well. Boy that #3 is getting the votes, though!

  12. Alison Avatar

    Christina, what gorgeous faces, all six of them.
    Unofficially, cause I know I live too far away to enter the competition, I like number five best (no5 – blue sweater). It is a fab picture, like she’s been caught mid play. The sort of pictures of my girls I like the best, the ones that capture a moment.

  13. Nicole Avatar

    I love #4’s hair and rosey cheeks, very natural! I think in an ad the most “impact” would be #3 because of the bright colors. : )

  14. Jackie and Liv Avatar

    Hi Christina,
    Liv and I agree that number three is the number one choice for the photo.
    I have chosen her because she is so bright and cheerful. Love that the colour of her eyes and hair are picked up in the sweater!!
    Liv loves the rainbow ribbons and thinks that she looks to be a similar size to Maisy (I guess that is just the right size in her opinion).
    They are all SO very beautiful and I have such Bamboletta lust….

    All the best,
    Jackie and Liv…and Briar xox

  15. Rohini Avatar

    They are all gorgeous, but my favorite (and has always been, even before the vote 🙂 ) is #6. Great personality, and very lovable!

  16. lisa b Avatar
    This one is good. It shows the different colors.

  17. Jenny Avatar

    I love number 6!

  18. Lindsay Avatar

    Oh, well now, you KNOW I choose #6, because she is mine!!!!! My wonderful little amelia who brings my clients so much joy 🙂 Pick her!!!

  19. Genevieve Avatar

    Hi! I prefer number 3 too. From the time I saw her on NP, she is my favourite one. And I love her sweater too. But you know, all of your dolls are beautiful!!

  20. Sarah Avatar

    Number 5,she has the cute profile shot with her half cracked smile to one side. So sweet. Also,I really think this is the best picture to show off your amazing craftsmanship.that displays the hair so nice.

  21. Victoria Avatar


    I am not trying to be difficult, but my favourites are #4 and #5! So sweet. Love the babies. (Must be because I’m pregnant). Just when it looked like there was a clear winner, I go and mess it up.
    They are all beautiful!

  22. Stacy Avatar

    Oh #6 for sure! It doesn’t get much cuter than that.

  23. Julie Avatar

    I like picture #5 the best. It’s the most animated–really draws you in. Although I think I like doll #3 the best. They are all so sweet.

  24. Leanna Avatar

    My favorite is number 5! She has great hair and she looks alive, like she is looking at something so cool she cant believe it!

  25. admin Avatar

    holy smokes..look at all the great advice! thanks ladies! the person whom wins the doll will get a little bamboletta with the colouring that they chose. cute!

  26. Berrie Avatar

    I vote for #5. I love the profile and the way her hair flows. Don’t quite get the “blue sweater” though. I see red. Love her. Love the sweater. Love your Nonna. Love you. Happy birthday Baby J!!

    Berrie (not powered by alcohol, just sleep deprived)

  27. admin Avatar

    Ha! I’m powered by sleep deprivation too! Thanks for pointing the blue sweater/ red sweater out… too much herbal tea for me. I’ll go fix that now.
    xo C

  28. Christine Avatar

    Yay, I can enter as well! I vote for #6, because I have freckles myself so I want to support that, obviously. 🙂
    But the red with the rainbow sweater is a great second for me.

    Christine from the NL

  29. Nan Avatar

    Ooh, I like your dolls. I found your site via a link. I like doll number 3 with the red hair. She is really cute!!!

  30. erin Avatar

    they’re all so darn cute – it’s hard to choose.
    #1 gets my vote, because i do love her mixed blonde hair, and she has such a sweet face.
    #3 red-head is a close second, and she gets willa’s vote!

  31. Dayna Avatar

    I find it hard to choose as well! i LOVE them all. But if I was forced to choose just one it would be # 3 – with the red hair and striped sweater. In this picture, you can see a bit more of her arms than you can from the dolls in the other pics. She looks like she’s just about to launch herself into your arms for a big hug. That’s why she MY favourite. 😉 I LOVE her sweater by the way… you’ve done an amazing job with your dolls.

    Good luck with your decision!

  32. sharilyn Avatar

    hi Christina, congratulations (!!!) on looking froward and taking steps ahead in your work! and thank-you for inspiring me with all we have been discussing, your grace has encouraged me greatly : )

    Well, i love something specific about all of the bambolettas here, but I believe that the #3 red hair/ rainbow sweater girl showcases your work the best, as she just looks so sweet and cute and friendly as all all your dolls are. I also like the composition and lighting of this shot the best. xo!!! sharilyn

  33. Amelia Avatar

    My first inclination was to pick #3, because I love the hair and the sweater. But when I thought a little longer, I decided that #6 just sticks in my mind – she looks so happy and full of charisma. I love her hair and her freckles. She just makes me smile, so I have to officially pick #6.

  34. Lindsay Avatar

    Isnt it weird, Amelia, doll #6 is named amelia!!!

  35. Lindsay Avatar

    oh, and christina, if doll #6 happens to win, and you want a new shot of her in her newer outfit, I can get one to you 🙂

  36. Krista Avatar

    Hi! I second what Jackie and Liv said: I love LOVE the red haired doll. How exciting!

  37. Sebrina Avatar

    My favourite is #5, I love how her eyes look!

  38. Beth Avatar

    When I think Bamboletta, I think #3. #4 is a close second (and invites parents to think about getting their son a new pal, too). They both have that look that says, “take me home!”

  39. Lisa Avatar

    I love the #5 blond/red sweater. That is a great shot. The second would be #6 copper/ green shirt.

  40. Dawn Avatar

    I love your dolls. Doll #3 is my winner, but they are all so cute and wonderful, it’s a close call. I guess it’s the sweater that gives #3 the gold medal.

  41. Alicia Avatar

    My pick is number 2-I love the greens with the blond hair, she gets my vote 🙂

  42. georgia Avatar

    although i am very partial to redheads, i vote for #2 :).

  43. Mélanie Avatar

    I love #3, with red hair and the rainbow sweater. It’s hard to pick, I also love the the blonde with the flower top as well as the one with the red sweater… (I like them all, really!), but #3 has a certain very sweet “dolly” quality to her. Also, something about the rainbow sweater and bows in her hair reminds me of my childhood.
    They are all so beautiful, I just love your work!

  44. Ashley Avatar

    I’d have to say #6…she was one of my favorite dolls as of recent. So much personality in her little freckly face!

    Good luck choosing!

  45. Julie Avatar

    #3 is my favorite. I love those colors!

  46. Amy Atkinson Avatar
    Amy Atkinson

    Hi Christina,

    Number one is my favorite picture. She has such great cheeks! I love the new 10 in dolls. They are so cute.

  47. Cristina Avatar

    Christina, you know I love all your dolls, but I definitely like the red-heads more. And the rainbow sweater reminds me of my great-grandmother :). So #3 is my pick also. Hope you’ll make a wonderful add; as wonderful as your dolls. Cheers!

  48. Becky Avatar

    Of course I’m in love with all of them, but #5 is my favorite – there’s something about the angle…very artsy and dramatic.

  49. Veronica Avatar

    Hi, We love the doll number 3, I love all the colors in the sweater and they go well together with the hair color.

  50. Marta Weist Avatar

    I definitely choose #3. I think she is beautiful, she looks a lot like our custom Felicity still waiting patiently in her box (although I take her out a lot when no one is around). I think she has a classic hair style, appealing bright colors, and the photo itself is just right. It is a good angle, good lighting, nice background and just the right amount of close-up. Keep up the great and important work of making dolls as unique and spirited as the kids (and grown-ups) who need them!

  51. April Avatar

    My vote has to be with #2. For advertizing to have the most impact, there should be direct eye contact, and while #3 (the clear favourite) has the direct eyes, she may be too “colourful” for an ad and may make it a little too “busy” with all of the colours in her sweater and the boldness of her hair. So, while she is lovely, I think that #2 has a great profile shot to show off the detail of the nose and cheeks, while the eye contact is still close enough to let you see directly into her pretty little eyes.
    Good luck!

  52. carol leskanic Avatar
    carol leskanic

    hi. i think that #3 is a great image and representation of your dolls, but my personal favorite is # 2. i love the mix of textures in her hair and she reminds me of a line in a folksong, “you belong among the wildflowers!”, which also reminds me of my 5 year old daughter, so you see where i am biased!! also her sweet face and striking eyes! she has so much soul!!
    i just love her…..the doll, that is. my daughter’s a given!!

    good luck!

  53. Molly Avatar

    So hard to choose but that red-haired girl has been welcoming me each time I come to check out your blog. She’s got a great personality. So my choice is #3. 2nd place-#2.

  54. Jodi Avatar

    Hmmmm… I definitely like number 3, but I have to go with number 2 – she’s super cute and I like the side angle shot you took. Looking forward to meeting the doll you are finishing for Alita! Thanks, Jodi

  55. Adrianne Avatar

    #3!! It is a wonderful photograph for an ad. Nice, crisp and clear.

    PS-I love it when your dollies are out playing in the garden.

  56. Bonnie Avatar

    Number three is definately the best photo, but I’m torn because my daughter has a blonde doll and I love the multi-yarn hair that you say (rightly so) is one of your signatures. But Scarlett is adorable!

  57. chariya Avatar

    I pick no.5 for she looks so natural. From the angle of the picture posted here, she reflect -what doll meant to be-. She got a lovely red outfit that matches her hair color. This would made everyone falling for!

  58. michelle Avatar

    i choose #2. i love the green eyes!

  59. Kim Avatar

    All the dolls are great – I can see why it’s a difficult decision. I really like doll #3. The picture is so nice and clear. I love her outfit and expression, she gives off a good vibe!

  60. Ella Avatar

    Christina, i thought it would be difficult to choose but i’m set on #6. Not only is she my favorite but i think she reflects your more modern version of a traditional Waldorf doll. She’s got hip clothes, her freckles are adorable and unique from what i’ve seen others doing with Waldorf dolls and her hair rocks. #3 is a great doll and the angle of the photo is pretty great. She is also a fantastic pick but i suppose it depends on what you wish to reflect more. traditional vs modern hip. Yes i know i have one of your dolls already but i just can’t resist those freckles. i vow that if i don’t conceive by Christmas i will gift the doll away to a friend who is a fond admirer of my doll collection.
    Happy advertising. Your dolls and meticulous handwork are worth a million.

  61. emily Avatar

    My first choice is no. 6. Second choice no. 1. The light is shining on their faces, creating a sharp contrast between doll face and hair/clothes. I think that makes them grab the most attention. Plus, 6 and 1 look so sweet!

  62. emily Avatar

    My first choice is no. 6. Second choice no. 1. The light is shining on their faces, creating a sharp contrast between doll face and hair/clothes. I think that makes them grab the most attention. Plus, love 6’s freckles, and 6 and 1 look so sweet!

  63. Trish Avatar

    My choice would depend on the ad itself. Love pic #3 for a very bold ad and the main focus being the picture itself. Pic #5 would be my choice for an ad that was focused on the overall “Bamboletta” image, with the pic of the beautiful doll as bonus:) Good luck with ad and I’m sure whatever picture is chosen it will capture the hearts of many.


  64. Stephanie Avatar

    No 3 nicely shows off all the lovely unique features of your dolls – the beautiful yarn of her hair, the pert, lively face and the very funky sweater by your Nonna. She has a very engaging expression to pull in the viewer. She’ll do a great job of promoting your work!

  65. kendrah Avatar

    oh, number 4 is just precious. of course they are all wonderful but that face and hair is adorable and looks so huggable.

  66. Taisa Avatar

    A vote for number 6 here! She is so sweet, she has a lovely gentle face and has lots of character. I love her top too!

  67. tressa Avatar

    R A I N B O W sweater all the way! i love your blondies, and think the rainbow gal will pop the most, fetching many an adoring eye.

    ps it’s really really really hot in the okanagan.

    xo t

  68. Sarah Avatar

    I love #5 blonde/red sweater best—she looks just like a real pal, thoughtful & fun-loving–and the angle shows how much your dolls are loved & treated like “real” people. The blonde also shows off the wonderful hair. A close second is #3 red hair/ rainbow sweater; she’s adorable & the dead-on photo might be a better product photo for advertising.

  69. Knittypants Avatar

    All your dolls are so cute, but I think my fave is #6 copper/green top. So sweet.

  70. Lisa Avatar

    I think #6 would work really well in a small format and she’s so darn cute!

  71. liz Avatar

    hi! my favorite is #3, followed closely by #2 – they are all so awesome – i love them all!

  72. Amy Avatar

    I like #2 blonde with green flowers. Gorgeous! Great picture angle too.

  73. Tracey Avatar

    Wow, I wasn’t expecting this to be such a tough choice! I am usually really drawn to one over another. I love #6 and #2, but I think #3 is a great choice for an advertisement.
    I don’t suppose that helps you much but I guess it says that there is likely not a bad choice as they all represent Bamboletta so well.

    ttyl, T

  74. stephanie Avatar

    Hello there! I think #3 will be the best in the ad. I really love the #2 in green, but I don’t think she will show up as well in the ad. The colors in #3 POP! so it will grab the reader’s attention:)

    BTW…any chance you will be putting together kits anytime soon? I spoke to you about it a year or so ago – I’m still REALLY interested.

    stephanie – who is crossing fingers in hopes of winning:)

  75. Melanie Avatar

    Perhaps it is the way her blue eyes ‘pop’ against her red hair. Or the contrast of bold colors in the sweater, and how it all just blends so beautifully with the dolls features…

    #3 is the doll that would have me wanting to see more, if I were to see her in an advertisement. She is really captivating ,any little girl would yearn to own her, any mother would want to buy it for her daughter!

    Your dolls are stunning Christina. I adore the way you have captured in yarn,the beautiful highlights of blond hair.

    BUT, your little redhead just jumps off the page, She will have everyone doing a doubletake!

  76. Erika Avatar

    I really like #3 she just looks fun and full of personality. I also like #5 the angle of the picture makes me wonder what the sweet little doll is looking at. I love your work and I wish best of luck at the upcoming market.

  77. Tabitha Smith Avatar
    Tabitha Smith

    I LOVE number 6 Her hair is GREAT. I love everything about her. She would make a great face for the ad. Goodluck. Thanks- Tabitha

  78. Emily Avatar

    Oh, it is so hard to choose! I think #3 is my fave. They are all so great though!

  79. Vanessa Avatar

    I think #5 blonde/red sweater has a great head of hair. I love the combo of thick and thin yarn to make the blondie head. She reminds me of my daughter!

  80. catherine Avatar

    #5 is by far my favorite one! It shows the gorgeous yarn combination and is an different angle, thus may catch one’s attention better to read the rest of the add. Hope this helps Christina!

  81. Melissa Avatar

    Oh, so hard to choose! #2 would be my first choice. They’re all so lovely.

  82. Lin Ward Avatar
    Lin Ward

    I love the redhead/rainbow sweater girl too, but my choice is number 5, love her face and hair, her look of wonderment and innocence…

  83. Helen Avatar

    I adore the blonde doll with the red sweater (#5). She really highlights the different colors of yarn you use for the hair, and her face is so sweet and friendly. Her red sweater is so cozy and snuggly looking- and blondes look great in red! The angle of the shot really adds interest and creativity as well- it shows the depth of feeling in the doll.

  84. Amber Avatar

    The redhead/rainbow sweater is such a sweet doll. She seems like a doll that any little girl would want to own. She seems so carefree and full of life. I know that if I were a little girl, I would want a girl like that to be my friend. 😀

  85. Robyn Benoit Avatar
    Robyn Benoit

    I absolutely Love #6 and #3 although all the dolls are beautiful. I heard of your dolls from a friend of mine and am amazed at how lovely they are. Good luck with your choice!

  86. Keri Avatar

    I think all your dolls are lovely, but for advertising, I would pick number 3. Her red-orange hair and colorful sweater immediately catch your eye. (Our eyes see those colors first–ROYGBIV and all.) So that’s my vote. I also like the leafy backdrop–it really matches the handmade,natural aspect of your dolls.

  87. Denelle Avatar

    Of course all the dolls are lovely, but really the question is which one will have the biggest impact as a *small* picture. So, I say #4. The blue sleeper and the brown hair will show beautifully, I think, more so than the red hair girl (you don’t want to much “happening” in a small picture).

    And we own a baby bamboletta, so I can confirm that they are as sweet in person! Stella wants #1 to come and be her friend. 😉

    Wishing you success and life/work balance, best regards

  88. Emily M. Avatar
    Emily M.

    i think i’m in the minority, but i love #4 the best. the short spiky hair is funky and unique–i love it!!!

  89. Leigh Avatar

    I love number 6 (those freckles, that outfit), then #5 (great hair).

  90. barb hardy Avatar

    yes, hard to decide – love them all but doll #1 is my favorite

  91. Arleta Avatar

    Love them all and you can’t go wrong with any of them. My son connected with #4, so I’ll pick that as my first choice. Then to me #6 is most representative of Bamboletta. Great contest!

  92. Kathy Avatar

    Thay are all such delightful dolls but if I had to chose I would pick number 2. It is her hair that draws me in. The texture is wonderful. I love her green eyes as well. A close second for me would be number 6.

  93. Dawn Kramer Avatar
    Dawn Kramer

    Each one is totally precious. I have a toddler in my class whom I have had since she was three months old. She has been the talk of the school since she was born. That red (copper) hair sets the stage for a photo. Believe me I know. I have taken many amazing pictures of this little girl. Her brother was the same. My second choice is number one. Love that multicolored hair.

  94. con Avatar

    I really like the great cheeks on number one and she is a good showcase of your hair talent, with the mixed colours, as does #5. #5 is interesting and shows just enough, but not too much, so people will have to check out your website to see the full beauty of your dolls. My personal favourite is #6. But really I love them all!

  95. Jennifer Avatar

    WOW before I could even have a look at the different dolls my two year old who is looking over my shoulder said “I want Babe” luckly we both agree that we love #4.

    I have been wanting to buy her a Bamboletta since she was a newborn now that shes so in love with them I will have to see if there is someway for me to squeeze the money out of our tight low income single parent budget. I love the dolls and I know when we do get one it will be worth every penny.

  96. Sherrie Avatar

    number 4 is so cute and endearing

  97. Jennifer Avatar

    I love them all but for me #3 is the one that stole my heart.

  98. Leah Jones Avatar
    Leah Jones

    I think #4 brown hair is the best choice, even though it isn’t my favorite. It just stands out the most. I really LOVE all of them though, they are such gorgeous dolls!!!

  99. Chrystil Avatar

    My personal favourite is #6, but for an ad, I really have to vote for #3. Her colours are just so much more striking, so really stand out. All of your dolls are so beautiful, it really is a tough choice!.

  100. kellie bond Avatar
    kellie bond

    All of your dolls are gorgeous but I’ll have to vote for #4. Love, love, love that hair!

  101. riki Avatar

    I like the hair on #4. That’s my vote.

  102. Luci Avatar

    All the dolls are cute but #3 is definitely the cutest I think. I love her hair!

  103. Alicia Wilson Avatar
    Alicia Wilson

    Have always adored redheads with freckles in Kimonos! #6*

  104. Donna E Avatar
    Donna E

    Your dolls are all so lovely,but I would have to say that #3 & #6 are a tie for me. They both have great colors,with the lighter skin & freckles on #6 it shows diversity,and both have Great hair,and clothes are amazing.Being a red head myself ofcourse I’m partial to #3,but #6 has very near to my heart qualities as well,love her freckles! YUP, it’s a tie for me! We love your dolls at our house!

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