Adventures of Lucy – Part 4

Lucy is in Guatemala now! In case you are reading this for the first time, Lucy is a Bamboletta ambassador tagging along with Heather from Project Somos, an organization that is setting up a childrens village in Guatelmala. For more information about this amazing project, please visit Project Somos!



We are here! Yes, we’ve arrived in Guatemala at last! What an exciting week this has been for Lucy. In Dallas, she was treated like royalty. Our hosts took us on a special trip to Teddy Bear

Park so that Lucy could have her photo taken there. She loved all the attention and of course all the Teddy Bears!




On Tuesday we flew from Dallas through Mexico City and then on to Guatemala City. We stayed overnight and the following morning were driven 45 minutes to Antigua. Antigua is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites and is absolutely stunning. The city is nestled in a fairly small valley with four volcanoes surrounding it. The roads are cobblestone and the buildings are each one square block with businesses, hotels, homes and restaurants nestled behind the doors. One never knows what to expect when you enter… there is always a secret world beyond; incredible gardens, hanging flower baskets, iron gates, tiled walkways and statues nestled beyond.




On our second evening here, Lucy came with us to Sky Cafe which has a rooftop patio with a view of all of Antigua. She was a little nervous standing beside the cactus but wasn’t hurt by the spikes. Unfortunately, you cannot see the volcano in the background which only minutes earlier, had been puffing! Lucy has also been experiencing the common fluctuation of electricity here. Our first night, the power went out in the middle of the night and did not come back on until noon the following day. Apparently 8 states were without power that day!




We spent the first three days looking for an apartment. Yesterday we succeeded in finding the perfect place. For now, I’ll be calling it our “Sky House” as it is situated on the second floor with lots of open space and windows. The living room is outdoors with a beautiful terrace and views of the surrounding hills. We move in today and Lucy will have her own room (which she will share with guests that join us, of course!) We will be sure to send you photos of our new place next week!


lots of love from Antigua…

Heather and Lucy xox


Thanks so much Heather! Looking forward to next Sunday’s update already!!







6 responses to “Adventures of Lucy – Part 4”

  1. CanCan (Mom Most Traveled) Avatar

    Lucy, I’m so envious of your fun travels!
    I have a little friend who is getting ready to embark on his own adventures, but he isn’t anywhere NEAR as cute as you are!

    I hope he shows up in photos. 🙂

  2. cheryl Avatar

    Lucy you look like a natural there, I love the teddy bear picture. Did you climb any trees in the park? Tell your mom that you want bunk beds in your new room. They are fun!

  3. Erick Alejandro Avatar

    I want to participate with the ProjectSomos, I sent them a message via twitter, but they didnt answer me yet… can you answer me? thanks -Erick 😉

  4. Gin Nielsen Avatar
    Gin Nielsen

    Oh Lucy,
    I can’t wait to see all the sights you’re seeing for myself! You are so calm and graceful, even with an active volcano just behind you!

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