Adventures of Lucita -Part 7

Part 7! Wow, time is flying, Heather is making great progress with finding land and making contacts in Guatemala for Project Somos. In case this is your first time reading this, every Sunday I post the latest installment of the Adventures of Lucita. Lucy (ita) is a Bamboletta ambassador travelling in Guatemala with Project Somos as they plant their roots in building an eco village for orphaned and abandoned children. It’s my hope that one day I can provide the  mothers of the village with some work for Bamboletta   – a social enterprise.

This has been a full week for the Guatemala Trio (Lucita, Greg and I). We are just back from our third visit to this incredible “terreno” (land). It is 135 acres, has a 4000 square foot banquet hall, a nine bedroom guesthouse (with 17 toilets and 17 showers!), another incomplete guesthouse, fresh water springs, rivers running on two sides of the land, three horses, plus, plus! It’s more than we had ever hoped for, quite honestly. Our goal for this Project has always been to find ways to sustain the Children’s Village financially through small businesses, rather than being dependent on donations and grants forever. This land is set to go with many earning possibilities. It could be generating income immediately. And even better, we could open it up to kids and moms really soon!  



Lucita loved getting out of the busy town of Antigua and spending time exploring the land. She was a little nervous visiting with the cow but Greg held her tight and she was pretty thrilled when the cow licked her! Today she brought her puppy with her to the land. While we were in Nelson, BC, our friend, Maureen bought her the puppy at the beautiful Waldorf store there. This is the first picture she’s had taken with her little dog. She is embarrassed to admit, she has yet to name him! Any suggestions?



This is the real thing now. After working on this vision for Project Somos full time for over a year now, we are getting close. Really close. We’re going to need lots of helping hands, hearts and wallets to take the next step. 

-Heather and Lucita






8 responses to “Adventures of Lucita -Part 7”

  1. Rachelle Snopko Avatar

    This little doll is so cute!!!! I admire your work so much!!! Rachelle Snopko

  2. emilykristin Avatar

    I haven’t been over here for a while, but I plan to come more regularly. I don’t have children yet, but I hope to introduce them to bamboletta dolls when I do (and introduce their grandparents as well! You work embodies so much of what I believe about childhood and toys). I love your philosophy on dolls and toys – on an earlier post you mentioned that you don’t try to propel kids into adulthood but reflect childhood through your dolls – and the loving work you do with them. A mass-produced toy is just a plaything, but your dolls are a loving work, and one that extends its love, amazingly, to people who are hurting and healing, or financially suffering, or children growing up in a crazy time for childhood. I would love to be a toymaker someday – whether for my own children or as a business – and I’m working on gaining the skills I need. It means the world to me to see what you do with your dolls.

  3. cheryl Avatar

    I love Lucy and the cow…they are much bigger up close arn’t they. I think we should be informed if you now own a boy or girl dog? Tell us?

  4. Heather Avatar

    He’s a boy and really needs a name! (As does the stray dog we’ve fallen in love with in town!) Heather

  5. nathalie Avatar

    i love reading these entries!!! such lovely story! i think the wee dog should be called tuli. i don’t know it would be cute lucita and tuli. could be a boy or girl dog. yeah…i like tuli.

  6. Heather Avatar

    Tuli it is! We like that too! Thanks for coming up with a name for us!
    love Lucita and Heather and Tuli!

  7. Erica Hildebrand Avatar
    Erica Hildebrand

    that is an adorable name for an adorable puppy!!!

  8. Marcia Eleccion Avatar
    Marcia Eleccion

    I love your adventures. Please write children’s books. I would love them for my grandchildren

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