This is Addison. Addy has been sitting on my shelf for a very long time as I wasn’t sure if I could give her up. I’ve got a few here at home, just sitting around, dolls that are just that extra special that I have a hard time giving up. This is very silly of me I know, I just get so very attached to them and just like looking at them. Anyhow.. I decided to put Addy up on Etsy today, I think she needs a home where she’ll be played with and not just looked at and admired.

Exciting day here at Bamboletta – I’ve got three new types of dolls that I’m working on today. I’ll keep you posted!






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  1. Jackie Avatar

    Oh Christina, I would have trouble giving her up as well! She is absolutely darling! I LOVE her hair!!!!I saw her on the Facebook thing and was in love….Now, if I could find some justifying reason to tell my husband why we should have another Bamboletta!

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