A day in my life..

I feel busy – a good busy – but very busy none the less. I’ve had to make changes to my life to balance out this intensity that I work at with lots of down time with my family. Thank God my friends are understanding and take my hermit like ways without offence when all I want to do on the weekend is stay home with the boys and do absolutely nothing. There isn’t anything I like more then doing ‘nothing’ with them 🙂 I thought you may want to know what a typical day for me looks like – I find it interesting when people do this on their blogs (but I am a bit weird like that).

Get up around 6 – 6:30am – this is all dependent on my little alarm clock named Jasper. It’s getting earlier because the birds are rising earlier and singing up a storm and waking him up! Then we have breakfast – change (if your kid goes to a Waldorf school you will understand how much ‘changing’ needs to be done here – from woolies to muddy buddies…. it’s a lot of clothes) – just hang out (I’ll check email/FB). I leave notes for the gals on what needs to be done that morning as I sometimes arrive back later then them.

8:20 out the door to take Benjamin to school for 8:40 – then off to take Jasper to Tina’s (the lovely lady who takes care of him a few days a week)  for the day.

9:30 arrive at Michelle’s house (she’s like the Sewing Mama manager sort of – most of the ladies pick up and drop off at her house). Had a yak with her for a bit about doll stuff and I meet a potential new sewer (yeah) – a friend of Michelle who is over at her house to try sewing with her to see if she likes it.

10:15 back at home to a full house. We have a new gal working this week and I’m giving her a crash course on how to make doll shoes. Of course the sewing machine is not cooperating and I thread and rethread it about 20 times. She does great and conquers the sole with finesse!


10:45 I have to leave to attend Maypole dancing over at Ben’s school- it was very sweet. A bit of a challenge though as Tina (who takes care of Jasper) attended the dancing as well so Jasper was there too – he was very excited to see me but when I had to leave to go back to work there were lots of tears .. that was hard (apparently he cried for about 2 minutes then was totally fine). So the separation part is icky  but we go to a school where not many moms go to work and I always feel this guilt – like I’m a bad mom for having Jasper with someone a few days a week… anyhow, it’s my own stuff – but someone actually told me that I had chosen my work over my children – ouch.


12:30- Come home with Benjamin – make him some lunch and finish up packing up Tuesday’s upload to ship out before the 4pm Post Office pick up. I write out cards and bundle them all up ready to go. I go over the shoes that were made while I was gone and am super impressed by the good stitching – sweet! More shoes for all!


1:30 – 3:30 Few hours spent sewing on faces. Rachel and Brandi are working with me – B is putting noses on and headcovers – R is updating orders and giving dolls some haircuts and sewing up 20 pairs of doll underpants. I sew on about 8 faces and then get all the outfits ready for the dolls for tomorrow’s upload. Rachel gets to dress them all (she hates that part – just joking!!)


3:30 – 4:15 Prep 5 dolls for Shauna to pick up tomorrow – cut hair and get all the ‘bit’s’ together for her. Each sewer has her own bin – I put all the bits in there to keep it all together. The dolls come stuffed and the yarn for the hair is blended and pre cut – they assemble the body and sew on the hair.

4:15 – run out to the grocery store to pick up a few things ,come home . Jasper and John arrive around 4:45 is – it’s general chaos  as I try to cook dinner while spending time with the boys – Jasper is a great little sous chef! John takes the boys at around 7pm to get them ready for a bath and bedtime. During this time is when I’m usually on FB, do lots of emailing, blog, Serendipity Doll, etc – the boys are asleep by 8pm.

8pm – 11 or 12 – I hang out with John and sew. This is the time where I get most of my actual sewing done – it’s quiet, I can sit for more then 10 minutes. Tonight we are watching Season 4 of  ‘The Wire’ a show that I’m totally into right now – but usually we will listen to music or podcasts all cozy in front of our woodstove. John reads a lot – but he’s usually making doll heads while we chit chat about nothing really – it’s great.

There you have it – a day in my life..






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  1. Rachel Avatar

    lol…if the girls only knew how fun dressing those dolls are!! I mean how many grown women actually get the opportynity to create what we do?? And putting those clothes on definitely gives them more personality!! lol, i always have to give some an, “awwwww, you’re adorable” and a big hug!! Always made with love!! Thanks for making such an awesome work environment 🙂 xo

  2. Ana Avatar

    Thank you for posting this. I loved the insights!

  3. celine Avatar

    thanks ….. i enjoyed myself reading your day 🙂

  4. Petra Avatar

    The I who told you that you chose your work over your children should be ignored at all costs. And I NEED A GNOME KIMONO… that is all.

  5. Cassandra Avatar

    Thank you for sharing. I also like hearing about others days and parts of their lives. Sometimes I feel like I should so glad to know others feel the same!
    Busy day! Isn’t is strange how peole judge with their comments like the one you got about it being your choice to work and not stay at home. I find that ignorant on so many levels.
    You are such a busy lady!

  6. Cassandra Avatar

    Yup……I love the gnome kimono too!
    I would love to dress all those dolls! Dress up is so much fun and glad I have kids so I can get away with it talking to my friends! :p

  7. Angie Avatar

    Someone told you that? That you chose work over your kids? RUDE! You have a job that allows you to attend your kids’ May Day celebration and fix your son lunch??!!! Also, judging from reading your blog and story, how awesome of an example for your kids…..showing them it’s ok to follow a dream and enjoy your “job”……kudos to you-and anybody else-brave enough to do what they love.

  8. Ingrid Avatar

    That maypole dance looked so beautiful. Any time you are looking for a dolly stylist….I wouldn’t mind choosing that over my kids for a while:)

  9. bindu Avatar

    🙂 XX

  10. paula Avatar

    What a busy day! I think working doing what we like and create a good working environment for others it´s so important. You do create great things and have a great family, nothing and nobody can take that from you! Thank you for sharing your day.

  11. "Dolly Dolly Gumdrop" Avatar
    “Dolly Dolly Gumdrop”

    Cool. and if anyone ever dares say something like you choose work over your children. Smart Ass Sass usually nips these people in the bud!

  12. Brenda Bell Avatar
    Brenda Bell

    Christina~ You are given your son so many opportunities that he wouldn’t have if he was at home with you all the time. You should never feel bad about letting him go! I loved reading more about how you day goes! I love all the work you and your family do, and thanks for the new blogs. I love reading morea about you! Love.

  13. Melanie Avatar

    I think kids learn so much from watching parents who are passionate about their jobs. You have a great balance, I think (even though you are *very* busy and probably look forward to taking a break!) Thanks for the lovely look into your life, and thankyou for making such beautiful dolls 🙂

  14. Amie *C* Avatar
    Amie *C*

    Thank you for a day in the life of you! That was fun to read…and seriously what was the person that told you you chose work over your kids thinking? What gives people the right to make these sort of comments?
    xoxo you balance both, your boys are obviously well loved and HAPPY 🙂

  15. cheryl Avatar

    This is great, We are making lists for the children what they can be when they grow up. Now we are just collecting all the jobs you could have. I am so putting down doll dresser, and hair cutter, as who would not LOVE to have that job. At the end of the summer they will then narrow it down to the top 20 as their goal, until they wish. I will so keep it on my top 20. And don’t give it a second thought about that lady, You have a talent and are sharing it with the world. Your children will respect that passion that have and in turn will grow up with that same passion to do what they love.

  16. Jamie Avatar

    I’m tired just reading that, but surrounded by so much creativity it sounds amazing!!!!
    And um, boucle AND color funk?!?!?!?! SOooooo need one of those in a US upload :). Excited for the overseas girls tonight.

  17. C Avatar

    Wow, what a busy day! Thanks for the insight. That was really interesting to read.
    As for whoever made that working mom comment, I agree with the other blog comments. She is probably jealous that she doesn’t get to do both. I mean, you get to do what you love and you are also able to provide for your family. That is amazing! But I know what it feels like to have someone make a comment like that. I’ve heard this comment from both ends. When I stayed home with my kids, it was that I was depriving them from socializing with others their age. And when I went back to grad school, it was “Oh, you’re putting your dreams first and your kids have to suffer.” I think we all do what we believe is best and what works for us.

  18. pixie Avatar

    I can’t believe someone said that to you about your kids, what is it with women were they have to judge each other so harshly sometimes? It’s unnecessary and cruel, and totally un-true. My day looks a lot like yours, My oldest is going to DACARE (GASP!) 3 days a week starting in June, I couldn’t find anyone else to watch her who I knew…. the little one will be home with me those days but just having 1 makes it easier to do stuff so it will be a fun summer ” break” for me to get to work on my knitting stuff. My evenings are also some of my best productivity time, and I sometimes lay in bed next to my husband, he watches stuff or works on his laptop, and I knit next to him, this is usually around 9pm, I stayed up far too late last night reading in bed (1am) which I don’t normally ever do, and I go sweetly rewarded by the little one sleeping in until 9am, she normally wakes at SEVEN! I hope you know that women was 100% wrong, and it was very judgey and mean of her to feel the need to

  19. pixie Avatar

    to say something like that to you, it’s easy to see in your photos, how happy and loved your boys are!

  20. Melanie S. Avatar
    Melanie S.

    What a busy day! I admire you; you seem to balance everything so well: a job you love (and do beautifully), what seem to be great kids (from the comments you often make on FB), and still have some special time with the hubby! As a new mom, I’m still struggling with all that and I’m not even back at work yet! And how I would love to love my job as much as you love yours! Good for you! And on top of that, you get to make tons of families happy and excited each week! How cool is that?
    (a hopefully soon to be Bambo mom!)

  21. Jennifer P Avatar
    Jennifer P

    Thanks for taking the time to write this blog – you are crazy busy – but sounds like you are also very blessed…

  22. Alicia Avatar

    I cannot believe someone would say that you have chosen your work over your kids, that is just hateful. You manage to run a small business while remaining involved in your kids’ lives. She was probably just jealous;) I love hearing about your day!

    I also have to say that the girl with the boucle hair with blue accents in my new favorite <3

  23. Alina Avatar

    very busy day you have there. I love the pictures with doll clothes. they are so awesome!

  24. Shelly Avatar

    I am LOVING your blog, C! I feel like a lucky voyeur to be spying on your day and seeing dolls and clothes before they upload and head off to loving families. I agree w/ Alicia … brown boucle w/ fairy bits is my personal Bambo hair fave 🙂

  25. Maddie Avatar

    Yes, very good of you to share with us, nosy little parkers ;-)! Very full days you have, and with very little sleep .. It was quite amazing when last week I read somewhere that we all have the same 24 hours in a day. It just gave me such an insight (hardly classified info, I know, but it must have come at the right moment for me to ‘get’ it). Hope you have a sunny and very relaxed weekend! xx Maddie

  26. Amber Strocel Avatar

    I love reading posts like this, too. So interesting!

    I bet you the Judgey Judy was dealing with her own stuff. Sometimes at-home moms feel defensive, too. I so wish that weren’t the case. I’ve done it ALL and I can tell you that we all love our kids, not matter what. We need to support each other, instead of letting our own issues get the better of us until we start deriding other people.

  27. Katie Avatar

    I loved this post, I am ALWAYS wondering what other people do with themselves all day. And don’t listen to the envy, you are the best mum ever!!! Every mum needs time for themselves and everything you do blesses those around you…from your family, to the sewing mamas and all the way to the families each doll comes home to eventually.

  28. Allegra Avatar

    I cannot believe someone actually said to you that you have chosen your work over your children. that sickens me. doing what you do makes you YOU….which in the end makes you a better mother because you show your children that you have a good sense of self and that you have your own personal passions. I wrote a post about this on my blog a year ago, I’d like to share it with you:

    Happy Mother’s Day

  29. Nicholas Avatar

    I’m still attempting to wrap my head around someone actually telling you that you had chosen your work over your children. I would understand the statement if you were, say, a corporate lawyer working sixteen hour days seven days a week – but you’re not. You are a both/and kind of mom, one who is able to both create lovely things for others and still revel in the act of raising your children. I fear, sometimes, we treat children as something like the ultimate extra credit project and our ability to see ourselves and our children in the process of childhood gets lost, resulting in comments like this. While difficult to shake off, I recommend putting the comment in a box and sticking it high on a shelf.

  30. Veelana Avatar

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I love reading things like this – and I totally get you with the waldorf school clothing! I went to a waldorf school – and I hated the wooly understuff – I can still feel the scratching…

  31. carey Avatar

    To the people who say you choose you work over your children – next time – tell them to screw off. Your children see what you choose. You choose art, community, a world for yourself that also includes them and their father. You choose to create. You choose to mold friendships. You employ others. You fulfill dreams. You show them that their future partners (if those partners are women, and women who choose to raise children from their bodies or others’ bodies) can have full lives that they create.
    You choose to show your children that the world is full. So full of choice.

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