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While visiting my parents last weekend I was absolutely floored to receive this amazing gift from my aunt (zia in Italian) Maria. Maria is, as you can see, an incredible cross stitch-er and took an incredible amount of time to complete this. Look at that tree and grass – it’s all stitched on!

My 2 Zia’s were really important in my growing years. It is because of Maria that I developed a love of craft. I remember taking a long bus ride with her into Vancouver to the craft store. I would spend hours going through each and every section – my mind excited by all the possibilities. My craft de jour when I was 10 was taking straw hats and decorating them with fake flowers and lace. Really. It was very Anne of Green Gables. I remember sleepovers at her house – fingers burnt from the glue gun and afternoons yaking and creating. Lol, it’s still my favorite thing to do. My other Zia – Lucy – was also had a big part in shaping me. She taught me to rely on myself and that I can do anything. She works for CBC (Canadian Broadcasting) and would often take me into her office on weekends so that I could play around on the computers while she typed. Lucy also took me to the VSO (Orchestra) when I was young which gave me a love of music. And, I can’t forget my Zio Donato – from him I got my ‘business’ mind. I remember him always having an idea – he’s a true entrepreneur.

It’s really neat being a grown up and seeing why certain parts of you are the way they are. How people have influenced you whether they know it or not. It makes me think about how my boys are going to grow up and what influences are going to help shape them.

So- on the dolls – I’m not to sure what is going to happen this week as far as dolls available. Both (!) my sewing machines are behaving very badly. You know its bad when you are looking at the manual to see what may be wrong. The Janome is almost 20 years old and my BabyLoc was never meant to be used this much. Sigh – I may have to look at getting another machine. Where I’m at it’s not a case of getting an ‘okay’ machine – I really should get a heavy duty one. Lol, I just wish they didn’t come with such a heavy duty pricetag. Ouch.

Have a great rest of the weekend. We are going to a Lantern Festival tomorrow evening – something I’m looking forward to the kids experiencing. I’ll let you know how it goes!







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  1. cheryl Avatar

    WOW! Your aunt is a crazy good cross stitcher, thats incredible! A friend once told me you never know how you effect other peoples lifes, Even if its just a moment…something to think about.

  2. Sandi Avatar

    That cross stitch is amazing- and I really love how you’re able to trace parts of yourself to the influences of close family… I really enjoyed reading this blog post 🙂

  3. Aubrey Avatar

    What a lovely keepsake – I am in awe of your super creative family. Thanks for sharing… =)

  4. Your Sister Avatar
    Your Sister

    I remember being so jealous when you went for the craft sleepovers at Zia Maria’s house. When I was finally old enough to join in, I only did so once and it just was not for me, I wasn’t very good at it and didn’t share that passion that all the other ladies did. It reminds me of when you’ve tried to get me to help you with the dolls, it looks so simple for you but it takes me eons to do something that you can do in a few minutes and in the end you just have to redo it. Oh well, at least one of us can do math in our head : )

  5. Lauren A Avatar

    Oh my gosh, that is incredible!

  6. Amber Avatar

    That is GORGEOUS!

    And I really love the little fairy window on the tree just behind it. That makes me smile. 🙂

  7. stephanie Avatar

    what a treasure – not only the cross stitch but also your knowledge of how you became you and from whence you came…

  8. Tiffany Avatar

    That is so wonderful! What a very talented Aunt you have! I can’t imagine how long that took to make!!!

  9. Monique Lam Avatar
    Monique Lam

    the cross stitch is beautiful!

  10. dottyspots Avatar

    What a wonderful gift, it’s lovely!

  11. Kristine Avatar

    That is gorgeous!! She did a beautiful job. Lucky you!

  12. Sarah Riggs Avatar
    Sarah Riggs

    I loved hearing about your aunts and how much they influenced your life. It’s these little tidbits that make me feel like I know you (even though I don’t…!)

    I hope that doesn’t sound too stalker-y!

    That cross stitch of your logo is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G – really it is. Someone who obviously loves you a lot spent a lot of time on it, that’s clear!

    -Sarah :o)

    P.S. – Christina, I’m *DYING* to know – who is the model for the new Heather Ross prints? I never saw her listed. She has curly hair but it’s kind of lighter brown and has different shades in her hair?! She’s amazingly beautiful! Is she GOING to be listed or is she one of yours that you keep? SO curious, I am! :o)

  13. Melissa Avatar

    Sounds like a wonderful childhood and some really cool aunts! Thanks for sharing! Also LOVE the cross stitch – it makes me want to take it up again!

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