Thank you all so much for entering in the contest for Leif – only a couple of days before I announce the winner! Sweet, sweet comments as usual – seriously, you gals (and guys) are the best!

I am SO embarrassed! I haven’t written on my blog for – ever. It’s been a tough few weeks – I’ve had a really bad sore throat and Jasper has declared between 3- 5:30am ‘party time’ every night. He’s never been a consistent sleeper but at least we’d have one of those kinds of nights and then 3 good ones. By 8pm when he’s tucked in bed, I am so zonked that blogging just seems very hard. I sit on the couch sewing and watching movies instead.

We just saw this really great reality show/ documentary called Frontier House. They take 3 families and transport them to the 1800’s where they have to set up a homestead for 5 months. They have to set up their livestock, gardens and prepare for the winter. This has been one of the best things I’ve ever watched – I loved it. Really, because this is my dream – I’d love to buy a big chunk of land with a few other families and ‘live off the land’ – but with running hot/cold water, electricity and the internet! Oh – a dishwasher would be nice too. The best part of the show was at the end when they revisited the families 2 months later after their frontier life. They seemed so sad, even the snarky Malibu teenagers. They realized that their lives where somewhat empty and boring, modern day distractions just not doing what they used to.  Anyhow, I rented it at the library – it’s a PBS thing so I’m sure they have it at your library too.


On the dolls – I can see by the amount of feedback I’ve received that this week’s  fairy was a BIG hit. It seems like everyone wants a fairy 🙂 Well – good news – I have 3 more of these in the works at the moment.  A Marigold Fairy,  a Blueberry Fairy and a Rainbow Fairy. I may even have a Woodland Fairy too – but we’ll see how the time goes. There will be the fairies and about 5 or 6 new dolls up on Friday as well.

Hope everyone is having a great summer so far.







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  1. Aubrey Avatar

    She is so unbelievably sweet – I just love your creativity! Can’t wait to see the Rainbow fairy, and all the other fairies for that matter… I will try very hard to restrain myself from purchasing any. Must…be…strong!! Nice to have you back blogging… will send an update on the newest Bamboletta additions to the family shortly. Arlo was a huge hit and Olivia (purchased way back in November) was finally given to our little Row and she is totally smitten. Again, will send some shots and more news later… Hope your health is on the mend and good luck with Jasper’s partying – kids these days, right? =)

  2. Katie Avatar

    I saw that show a couple of years ago, I believe it was made by the BBC, It was a british anyway (I think!) I guess it could have been a joint project, if I remember correctly they had a mix of brits and americans, didn’t they have a visit from some native americans too to help them plant the crops. I would miss a washing machine, especially if they children are in real nappies/diapers!! In the one I saw (if it was different) the teenage girl found out her boyfriend back home had been killed in a car accident while they were away filming. they had the common sense not to film her reaction, but they did interview the others, and the impact she had on them, they all liked her, and I remember one of the men saying her cries affected him deeply. Sorry bit of a ramble, just remembering the show, been awhile since I thought about it.

  3. Maddie Avatar

    Your fairy is wonderful. It is touching that you give her extra clothes for days that she just wants to be a kid, something so natural to come to mind when you see her … ” ..but what if she doesn’t want to be in her costume ..” I love that you think about that!

    I’m sure it is not healthy, but I am so glad Koah did get to go to a nice new home! She is such a beauty that we were slightly stressed to see her in the store for a while. So stressed in fact that we wondered if this meant that she should come to live with Echo (who has been rebaptised to be called River Echo). It is funny, but wonderful of course, to see that lots of people wait for Friday and that some dolls are snapped up immediately. You are making so many people happy!

  4. tracy_a Avatar

    Oh, I loved Frontier House too! Good to know it is on DVD, as my daughter is just into Little House books right now – we could see more about how different life was (It’s funny to realize some of her assumptions, e.g., “couldn’t they ride their bikes?”)

  5. cheryl Avatar

    Yes, LOVE the fairy and also the fact that other girls with that fairy potential will get their chance too. Jasper could be related to us for the non-sleeping, as none of my kids did till they were about 3. I think I’m just now catching up from the sleep deprivation. Can’t wait till friday!!!!

  6. Mindy Taylor Avatar
    Mindy Taylor

    I just wanted to send you an extra special thank you for the special gift you included with Yazmin for my new little girl coming in September. It was unbelievably sweet of you!! I love love love the doll. I can honestly say I will be back to buy more!! So sweet.

  7. Anne Bente Avatar
    Anne Bente

    I’ve started to read your blog here, it’s such an inspiration.
    One question. If I may…(flushing..) Maddie wrote something about Koah. What’s this?? Would love to know her history, if there is some…:)
    Lots of love, Anne.

  8. Monica Avatar

    Oh my gosh. She is stunning!!!

  9. Alicia Avatar

    So amazed at your stunning creations! This was my favorite by far (and of course I still love each and every one we have 🙂 ) Which is why your generous idea to create fairy costumes for dolls is brilliant.
    Maybe one day your dear friend Con and yourself will have matchy match child/doll fairy costumes??
    As for the communal living, we are currently looking exactly for that on the islands, with my computer savvy hubby and my need for tidy we just need to be near water and our family would be content….

  10. One Crafty Mumma Avatar

    Oh my, the fairy is so beautiful – she is fresh, sweet and I do love the green and red colour combination!! Beautiful work!!

  11. Naomi Avatar

    Oh, she is adorable!!!

  12. Colleen Avatar

    I am completely and totally in love with this fairy! I can’t wait to get one for my little girl. I love seeing the new creations every week, it makes me smile every time!

  13. Kathryn Avatar

    Loved Frontier House….there is also one called Colonial House that I’ve been watching on DVD. And, like everyone else, I love the fairies! I wish I had been the one to snatch up that strawberry beauty. My husbands’ family were all strawberry farmers back in the day. That doll would have been cherished due to its significance as well as it’s beauty. Perhaps I could prevail upon you to create a special order????

  14. Ashley Avatar

    My husband and I love Frontier House. It makes us wish for “simpler” times…not that homesteading was simple to do but for the simplicity of life in terms of food, family, outdoors, etc. We’ve watched all of the similar shows and our other favorites were Colonial House and Manor House. Colonial was in the U.S. and Manor was in Englad. We’ve also watched Texas Ranch House but really did not like the family and had a hard time enjoying their journey, as well as 1900 House and 1940 House – they weren’t very good.

    LOVE the fairy! Trying to convince my husband that we should get our daughter another doll…but we still have to send in our first to be fixed! Ack! Life with a 2 year old and a newborn sort of puts all other plans on hold…I swear we’ll send her your way one of these days….yeesh….

  15. CanCan Avatar

    I watched Frontier House on TV the day I got back to America from living in a hut in the rain forest in Belize for 12 weeks. It was CRAZY to watch! That Malibu family was ridiculous! 🙂

  16. Wendi Avatar

    For a year, we’ve been trying to recruit some families to move to PEI with us to start a homestead together. Wind power for the house, and a shared cow. We love PEI, I’ve never seen any place that I love more. (Although England and Hawaii are a close second.) I love farmland, though. The fairies are A-DOR-A-BLE! I love working with wool as well.

  17. Ann Bachhuber Avatar
    Ann Bachhuber

    Christina: Love your fairies…the blueberry fairy is amazing. Love the clothes…and it looks like there is color in her hair…Love it. I just like to check in and see your wonderful creations. You are a true artist. I wish I lived in Canada so I could help you w/your sewing…Can’t wait to see your next give away. Thanks, and take care.

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