9,000 Likes Giveaway Package!


To celebrate our 9,000 likes on Facebook I’ve put together a dollie dream pack! One lucky fan will win this whole package – yes- the WHOLE thing!

To enter for this package please leave your name at the end of this post. One comment per household please. I’ll draw a winner at 8pm PST on Friday Jan 27th!

And I hate to say this but if you are the lucky winner of this package I ask that you please do not resell any part of this package. It’s a gift ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!






2,420 responses to “9,000 Likes Giveaway Package!”

  1. Tammara Alwaked Avatar

    What a great prize! You can’t imagine how excited we would be to win! Congrats on 9000!! xo

  2. Shayna Avatar

    WHAT A DREAM!!! – Shayna Shaw ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Angela Avatar

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

  4. Kim C. Avatar
    Kim C.

    Oh how I would love to welcome this sweet “package” into my home. Congrats on 9,000!

  5. Brenda Fransisco Avatar
    Brenda Fransisco

    I’d love it!

  6. Holly Avatar

    Oh my goodness, these little ladies are beautiful!!

  7. Rosalyn Avatar

    Oh wow!!! What a fabulous giveaway! Congratulations on reaching 9,000 fans!

  8. Tami D. in Ohio Avatar
    Tami D. in Ohio

    I would never resell ๐Ÿ™‚ — congrats on the 9000 and what an AWESOME giveaway!!!! WOW!!!

  9. Hillary Avatar

    That is a Grade A giveaway if I’ve ever seen one. How generous and fun! Thanks for making dolls with such personality (and quality).

  10. Sarah T. Avatar
    Sarah T.

    OMG, DREAM PACKAGE!!! Perfect in every way. What an amazing giveaway. <3

  11. Amanda Challis Avatar
    Amanda Challis

    Yay! How exciting 9000 fans! What beautiful dollies!

  12. Krista M Avatar
    Krista M

    I know I dont’ stand a chance in the world after winning the 8,000 fan giveaway, but I am going to try anyway. I LOVE your dolls and your company, as do the rest of my family, kiddos, and their friends. Congrats on 9,000 and here’s to 10,000 more!

  13. Linsay Avatar

    OH MY GOODNESS I would love love love to win this and wouldn’t sell a single thing!! You are awesome for offering it up ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Katie McLean Avatar
    Katie McLean

    LOVE it!!!

  15. Ella Avatar

    OH… my…. great… goodness! Fingers crossed!

  16. Candy Avatar

    Dream a little dream for me! I love it!

  17. Melanie R Avatar
    Melanie R

    My daughter would love this. Love

  18. Linda Avatar

    Who could part with any of it if they won? Sweetness.

  19. stephanie girard Avatar
    stephanie girard

    congrats on 9,000!!!!!

  20. Wendy Biel Avatar
    Wendy Biel

    OMGosh C, you are truly a giver! Such a huge blessing for someones little bean!!! xoxo

  21. Lisa briones Avatar
    Lisa briones


  22. Mary Yuhas Avatar
    Mary Yuhas

    Wow!!!! Thanks SO much for the chance!!!!

  23. Angie R. Thomas Avatar
    Angie R. Thomas

    Absolutely gorgeous! I <3 it!

  24. Katherine Avatar

    WOW! that is a fantastic package. if only i could be so lucky! You are one of THE MOST generous women i know! Thanks for all you do <3

  25. Jennifer palmer Avatar
    Jennifer palmer

    This is amazing! You are so generous my kids and I would adore this!!!

  26. Heather H Avatar
    Heather H

    What an amazing gift! Congrats on 9,000!!!! You deserve it!

  27. Jamie Robinson Avatar
    Jamie Robinson

    That is an awesome dream package.

  28. Brenda Fransisco Avatar
    Brenda Fransisco

    I have 2 granddaughters that would LOVE grandma if they got these!!

  29. Sarah Avatar

    This would definitely be a dream win for us!!! Congrats on the 9000!

  30. Sharon Avatar

    Oh so cute! My daughter would love this!!!

  31. Marina Avatar

    Wow what an amazing and generous gift!

  32. Milagros Avatar

    What an amazing group! LOVE!

  33. Lindsey Jordan Avatar
    Lindsey Jordan

    Wow! Love them all!!!

  34. Molly Ceppetelli Avatar
    Molly Ceppetelli

    Fantastic!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Paula Avatar

    Oh! Amazing! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  36. Tanya O. Avatar
    Tanya O.

    That has to be the most amazing gift package I have ever seen! Wow!

  37. Jessica Hamilton Avatar

    I hope we can win this set. My daughter would just love these. Thank you for your service and just to give people the option of getting your beautiful dolls in a giveaway! You’re awesome christine! XOXO Jess

  38. Michelle Lowen Avatar
    Michelle Lowen

    Amazing gift! Congrats on 9,000!

  39. Elizabeth Albrecht Avatar
    Elizabeth Albrecht

    My entire family would love this!!!! Congrats on 9,000!!!!

  40. tiffany O'connor Avatar
    tiffany O’connor

    I would love to win this. I have the worst luck, but thank you for giving me the chance!

  41. Heather Avatar

    There’s the purple rainbow!!!! What an amazing giveaway! Thank you for the chance.

  42. Erin Kimmons Avatar
    Erin Kimmons

    Holy wow, you are so generous, will be praying to the dolly gods

  43. Britta Avatar

    OH! MY! GOODNESS! How extremely GENEROUS of you! Thankyou for the oppurtunity to win. What a beautiful package of dolls! Congrats on 9000 and thankyou for such outstanding customer service and creating such beauty and love:)

  44. Cori Litke Avatar
    Cori Litke

    LOVE LOVE LOVE it all.

  45. Erin Avatar

    Love! The rainbow! The LB! THE SWEATER!! The little ones… Oh if I could ever be so lucky!

  46. Krista Avatar

    WOW!!!! Bamboletta is AMAZING! What a wonderful prize ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. Kandi Avatar

    SO much love!!!!!!!

  48. Megan Avatar

    What an amazing giveaway! My daughter would be over the moon to get to be the mommy to all of these babies.

  49. cara Z. Avatar
    cara Z.

    This is such a beautiful package, very thoughtful. Congrats on being such a wonderful company!

  50. Kara Avatar

    Wow, I have never seen such beautiful dolls before in my life! Really! Congrats on 9,000!!

  51. Kimberley Avatar

    Oh so lovely! What a beautiful addition to the lives of my little ones this would be!

  52. Lisa J. Avatar
    Lisa J.

    This would be awesome since we’ve yet to own one of your lovely creations! Lisa Jennings

  53. Del Crampton Avatar
    Del Crampton

    Wow!! Everything is SO BEAUTIFUL! You are so talented.

  54. Sara Avatar

    Wow! Amazing!

  55. Jolene Avatar

    Yes please! They are beautiful…and will (hopefully) be much cherished by my 3 girls.

  56. Rebecca Avatar

    Definitely a dream dream package!!! You are fantastic……I never win anything but it is worth a shot right?

  57. Kate Avatar

    Amazeballs! Oh my goodness. One family is going to be very lucky. XOXO

  58. AmyT Avatar


  59. Thamo Avatar

    This is soo exciting! I would love to win this as with the impending birth of our first child (due feb 12) we can’t afford a Bamboletta right now. Fingers and toes are crossed ๐Ÿ™‚

  60. Schaneon Avatar

    Wow, this is amazing! My girls (and a few of their little girlfriends) would love this!

  61. Rachel Wolpert Avatar
    Rachel Wolpert

    Thank you!

  62. Stephanie Craig Avatar
    Stephanie Craig

    Congrats on 9,000. I think I would simply die if I won!

  63. Yony Avatar

    Hello! Fingers crossed and thank you, either way!

  64. Renee Avatar

    WOW!!! LOVE that rainbow girl—love everything! Feel selfish even hoping to win, but definitely crossing my fingers! Thanks for your generosity Christina!

  65. Alicia Morgan Avatar
    Alicia Morgan

    Awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ and congrats!

  66. Tiffany Avatar

    So amazing! That’s a package big enough to share with friends!!

  67. Kim Avatar

    I would love to have the little rainbow hair girl!

  68. Joey Avatar

    Definitely a dream package. Thanks for the chance to win.

  69. Cheryl Marlow Avatar
    Cheryl Marlow

    WOW!! This is awesome!!THANK YOU!! =)

  70. Natasha Minks Avatar
    Natasha Minks

    My Daughter and her Bestie would adore this package.. (If I don’t keep them to myself hehe)

  71. Helene deMonye Avatar
    Helene deMonye

    ~Helene deMonye

  72. Veronica Smith Avatar
    Veronica Smith

    Oh.My.Word!!! This is amazing!!

  73. Eva C. Avatar
    Eva C.

    Wow!! What an amazing give away! Thank you for the opportunity.

  74. Kimberly R. Avatar
    Kimberly R.

    What a beautiful giveaway! Congratulations on 9,000. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you for the chance!

  75. Kayley Avatar


  76. Sandi Avatar

    Congratulations on 9000!!!! What a generous giveaway!

  77. Lauryn Avatar

    This would be so amazing to win! Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway and congrats on 9000 likes!

  78. Candice Avatar

    Oh WoW! She is my absolute dream!! What an amazing giveaway and cheers to 9,000 fans!

  79. Danielle B Avatar
    Danielle B

    Oh. My. Oh. My!!!!!!!!! What WOULDN’T I do to win this!? Dream package is spot-on!!!! Thanks so much for the chance and congrats on 9000 fans. <3

  80. Denise T. Avatar
    Denise T.

    OMG gorgeous and so so generous!!

  81. Kim Kirstiuk Avatar
    Kim Kirstiuk

    My darling daughter would love this to share with her BBF next door…oh and I would like to Play with it too!

  82. Susie H. Avatar
    Susie H.

    Wow… just wow! Amazing, generous, and beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe this gift and you guys! Team Bamboletta rocks!!!! We would love, cherish, and share some of the love too. xo from Wisconsin!

  83. Elissa K. Avatar
    Elissa K.

    Wow! What an amazing package! Congrats on 9000….again, simply amazing.

  84. Lori Riner Avatar
    Lori Riner

    Oh, what an amazing dolly set!! Just darling!!

  85. Sarah Griffin Avatar
    Sarah Griffin

    congrats!! & what a prize!!

  86. Brittany M. Avatar
    Brittany M.

    This is wonderful, would love to give them all a great home with my daughter!

  87. Soaring Butterfly Avatar
    Soaring Butterfly

    Holy awesome gift Batman! Love, love, love this!! Congrats on all the fan love and thanks so much for sharing it with us!! Would love to win this for my newest little man due any day now!!!

  88. Heather Avatar

    Her rainbow hair is GORGEOUS! What a generous gift of amazing talent!

  89. victoria Avatar


  90. Valerie H. Avatar
    Valerie H.

    Love the dolls!

  91. sguerrero Avatar

    amazing! So generous!

  92. April Avatar

    OH MY! This a dream of mine for sure! I don’t own any Bamboletta Dolls, as I can’t afford them but I drool over them daily and always wish i could have one! My girls would be thrilled! Good luck ladies and thank you for the opportunity!

  93. Kimberly W Avatar
    Kimberly W

    Oh WOW!!! All of those babies would be WELL Loved at our house. <3 Congrats on 9,000!! Thanks for the chance to win!! terrapinmoon at gmail dot com

  94. Deborah Minner Avatar
    Deborah Minner

    Oh my Goodness!!! That’s the most stunning gift I have ever seen!!!

  95. Claire Avatar

    They are beautiful!

  96. Amber Avatar

    Oh my! A dolly dream indeed! I can only imagine what kind of mischief these girls would get up to if they came to live with us. Dare I dream that I might be able to find out?

  97. Melanie Avatar

    Congrats on reaching 9,000!! This is an awesome giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win.

  98. Michelle swann Avatar
    Michelle swann

    Hope I’m not too late

  99. Vanessa Avatar

    Oh my!

  100. Erica Avatar

    <3 <3

  101. Andrea Andres Avatar
    Andrea Andres

    Awesome prize! Hope I win 1 of these little darlings.

  102. Lyn Avatar

    Rainbows and pocket dolls and a little buddy and a gorgeous Nonna Sweater! Wow!!!! Thank you for the opportunity and congratulations!

  103. Allison Avatar

    Eeek! So amazing! Congrats!

  104. victoria Avatar

    What a fantastic package! You are so generous to your fans!

  105. Sarah S Avatar
    Sarah S

    GASP. I can’t even imagine the insanity of winning this! Thank you for the chance!!

  106. Michelle F Avatar
    Michelle F

    great giveaway! thanks!

  107. Heather Avatar

    Wow!!! What a giveaway! Some little girl is going to be very happy!!!

  108. Tiffany U Avatar
    Tiffany U

    Would adore this!!!

  109. Erin Avatar

    Beautiful, the dolls and your company, in every sense of the word.

  110. Kathy Jo Hoy Avatar
    Kathy Jo Hoy

    This would be an HONOR to win this !!!! Thank you for doing this and giving everyone a chance =) !!!!

  111. Christina A Avatar

    Oh MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!! What a completely amazing & generous gift. You are such an inspiring bunch.

  112. Melissa Avatar

    Thanks for the chance to win, SO generous of you!!

  113. Elizabeth C. Avatar
    Elizabeth C.

    OMG this is amazing. id love a chance to win these beauties <3

  114. Shawna Battaglia Avatar
    Shawna Battaglia

    They are all so beautiful! I love the rainbow hair!

  115. Jennifer Ilko Avatar
    Jennifer Ilko

    I have an adorable little 19 month old who would love to give these dollies a forever home. Gorgeous! <3

  116. Ronda Avatar

    What a fantastic and amazing package! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win such a wonderful gift!

  117. Bronwyn Avatar

    Congratulations on reaching 9000 likes what a Beautiful Package to give away ๐Ÿ™‚

  118. Susana Avatar

    It still amazes me how generous you are with your dollies – wow.
    I would love to receive this package – dream indeed!! Good luck to all.

  119. Sheree Bolger Avatar
    Sheree Bolger

    Congrats on reaching 9000.
    Sheree Bolger ๐Ÿ™‚

  120. Rhonda Avatar

    Love it what an awesome give away! Have two girls who would love love love them all!

  121. Alicia Avatar

    What a great giveaway! This is a beautiful set, Christina. Congrats on reaching 9000 fans ๐Ÿ™‚

  122. Jill Mc Avatar
    Jill Mc


  123. Alexis J Avatar
    Alexis J

    WOW! 9000?! Congrat’s! to you all

  124. Brandy Greer Avatar
    Brandy Greer

    Wow! What a very adorable and generous giveaway! Love these beauties! :)))

  125. Jennifer K Avatar
    Jennifer K

    How amazing!!!!

  126. Nicole Avatar

    Oh, my! What an amazing giveaway!!! <3

  127. Jeanette U Avatar
    Jeanette U

    Would love this for my granddaughter!

  128. Amy Brooke Avatar
    Amy Brooke

    This would be a dream! I am beyond excited to even have a chance!!

  129. Melanie s.b. Avatar
    Melanie s.b.

    Ohhhh my. You are amazing Christina <3 and Team Bamboletta ltd.
    Thank you so much for the chance at this total.dream.package. <3 <3

  130. Sarah Avatar

    My eyes got all big and googly when I saw this- wowowow!

  131. Aria Avatar

    Aria Walters I LOVE your DOLLIES!

  132. DeRae Avatar

    I don’t have a waldorf doll yet…And I would just LOVE this!! Thank you for the opportunity!!!!

  133. Molly Avatar

    So cute and soooo generous. Congrats to all your success and may you have many more great years, and see you at 10,000 LOL

  134. Michelle Parker-Liddy Avatar
    Michelle Parker-Liddy

    WOW, wow, wow and a million more wows. How could anyone ever on-sell these – just WAY TOO PERFECT. Oh, I am now going to pray standing on my head that I’m lucky enough to win this package of love. Just absolutely gorgeous, such clever people. ๐Ÿ™‚

  135. Holly Clark Avatar
    Holly Clark

    Congrats on 9000 likes! Whoohoo!

  136. Brooke Moxley Avatar
    Brooke Moxley

    I’d love to win! My daughters birthday is next week ๐Ÿ™‚

  137. Brooke Avatar

    Wow! I know some adorable little munchkins that would LOVE these adorable little munchkins!!! Keeping my fingers crossed. I would love to have a Bambo for our family… have yet to really be able to afford one though ๐Ÿ™‚

  138. Marquita Kelley Avatar

    Amazing!!! What a generous gift from a wonderful family!!! ~~ Marquita Kelley

  139. Cheryl C Avatar
    Cheryl C

    Oh my this is amazing! Thank you and congrats on the wonderful milestone!

  140. Marianne Avatar

    For the love off all things cute! This little group would be so welcome in our home. Congratulations!

  141. Emira Avatar

    I can not get over how many comments you already have on this. No surprise I suppose since it is an amazing giveaway. So generous, thank you!

  142. Diana Avatar

    Oh wow. They’re all so lovely!

  143. Nina Avatar

    I adore rainbow hair!!!!

  144. Tara A Avatar
    Tara A

    Your generosity always amazes me C.
    I would be so thrilled to win, We need some rainbow in our family.


  145. kimberly Y Avatar

    WOW,WOW WOW- JUST love it!! thank you for doing this:)

  146. Sharon T Avatar
    Sharon T

    My granddaughter would love this!!!!

  147. Abby Ward Avatar
    Abby Ward

    This is a Dream Come True for those of us with large families. We may not have the opportunity to get for each, but this is a great chance! Thank you for offering and many more years of success!!

  148. Michelle Mathis Avatar
    Michelle Mathis

    Your dolls are just beautiful!!!! My sweet girl will flip if I win them! Thank you for the opportunity!

  149. Angie S. Avatar
    Angie S.

    Congrats! What a beautiful prize pack!!!

  150. Theresa Melodick Avatar
    Theresa Melodick

    How special, how generous! Thank you!

  151. Ally Avatar

    Are you serious? That is so generous! All will be loved by this family.

  152. Melissa A Avatar
    Melissa A

    Congrats on 9000. Amazing dream package, LOVE it all.

  153. Janet Abrams Avatar
    Janet Abrams

    my granddaughter would so love this we have been trying for months to buy one with no success but we will not give up till she has one to love.

  154. Renae kulak Avatar
    Renae kulak

    So exciting 9,000 fans. Your work is beautiful

  155. Desirae Avatar

    Such a fantastic present! Thank you for the chance to win it…Oh, and me please!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  156. Jennie B Avatar
    Jennie B

    Jennie Brennen <3

  157. Cassie S. Avatar
    Cassie S.

    Ohhhh me me me!!! LOVEEEEEE.

  158. Marlee W Avatar
    Marlee W

    One day i will be lucky and win something, cross my fingers that this is it…

  159. kathlin bibens Avatar
    kathlin bibens

    what an awesome gift

  160. Jennifer B Avatar
    Jennifer B

    Oh my goodness! I want this so bad!! Thank you and congrats on 9000!

  161. erika Avatar

    YAYYYYYYY!!!! this is fantastic!!! thank you for the wonderful giveaway!! :)* my three kiddos would be THRILLED!
    InspiredMama (at) msn (dot) com

  162. Kristi Potter Avatar
    Kristi Potter

    Holy Perfection Batman! The package is dreamy ๐Ÿ™‚

  163. Jocelyn Avatar

    So beautiful – congrats on 9,000!

  164. Kelly Avatar

    WOW!!!! This is the hugest giveaway I’ve ever seen!

  165. Amber Hunter Avatar
    Amber Hunter

    Amber Hunter Congrats on 9000 and WOOT WOOT What an amazing prize!!! My girls would be in heaven if we won ๐Ÿ™‚

  166. Cassidy Avatar

    Oh my word!!! They are gorgeous! What a dream pack! Congrats on 9,000 and many more to come!!!

  167. Erica Kirkland-Weeks Avatar
    Erica Kirkland-Weeks

    Amazing!!!!!!!! My daughter would be so happy to get these!!

  168. Camille Avatar

    How gorgeous! Thanks for all your creativity, it brings a smile to my face to see what new things you come up with.


  169. Wendy T. Avatar
    Wendy T.

    Congrats! Thank you again for being so generous! Wishing you continued success!

  170. Lisa Avatar

    No flipping WAY would I sell any of this! Alllll mine. Such a generous gift.

  171. Shayna L Avatar
    Shayna L

    Amazing giveaway!!! Congrats on the 9,000 mark, it is well deserved!

  172. Jess Avatar

    How amazing! Someone is very lucky!

  173. Ashley L. Avatar
    Ashley L.

    Pardon me but holy sh*t! What an amazing giveaway!!! These gals and liitle pocket friends are awesome! Congrats on 9,000 and here is to many more!

  174. Jean Avatar

    Congratulations and good luck everyone!

  175. Michelle Quarterman Avatar

    Holy Schmoly! ๐Ÿ™‚ Congrats on the 9000!

  176. Leanne C. Avatar
    Leanne C.

    Wow! I am speechless~your generosity continues to amaze <3 Bamboletta <3

  177. Carrie R Avatar
    Carrie R

    I’m hoping my newbie luck helps me out here :). Congrats on 9,000 and thanks for this great dream giveaway. Crossing fingers!

  178. Jaime T. Avatar
    Jaime T.

    You are so generous! Thank you!!!

  179. christy wilson Avatar

    oh my goodness – so gorgeous and generous! my girls and I would love to give these little ones a home in our hearts!

  180. Nikki H Avatar
    Nikki H

    Oh my goodness they are adorable!! I want to give them a big squeeze!!!

  181. Maribel Torres Avatar
    Maribel Torres

    Congrats! Love it!

  182. Kari Avatar

    Wow! How incredibly generous!!! Congratulations on 9000!!!

  183. ErycaTheGreat Avatar

    OMG how wondering… swoon…..

  184. Anna Avatar

    Amazing! Thanks for the chance Christina!

  185. Erica Eley Avatar
    Erica Eley

    Oh my gosh, I cannot wait to hear the winner revealed… praying for this one. <3

  186. Megan L. Avatar
    Megan L.

    Congrats on your 9000 fans!! My daughter has been wanting a Bamboletta doll for a very long time!!!

  187. Lyndsey M Avatar
    Lyndsey M

    Oh my goodness! She is beautiful! What a great giveaway!

  188. Monique Avatar

    My little one would LOVE the RAINBOW mama and all her little babies. You are such a great example for business owners. Most don’t take the time to give back to their fans and you always go above and beyond ๐Ÿ™‚ Hooray, for whoever wins this wonderful bunch of lovies. xoxo

  189. Lisa M. Avatar
    Lisa M.

    Wow! What a great and generous giveaway! Congratulations on 9000 likes!

  190. Shari L. Avatar
    Shari L.

    This would be so fun to win and share! Huge fan! Thank you!

  191. Suzi Avatar

    Would be thrilled to win this! These dolls bring so much happiness to everyone who meets them ๐Ÿ™‚

  192. CJ Avatar

    You are amazingly generous!! Whoever wins will be unbelievably lucky!

  193. Priscilla Edson Avatar
    Priscilla Edson

    What an amazing opportunity!! Congrats on 9,000 fans!

  194. stacy h Avatar
    stacy h

    Stacy Lynn Hancock =) WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!

  195. Amy N Avatar
    Amy N

    The dolls would be well loved at our house. Thanks for all the loveliness you provide each week.

  196. SylviaL. Avatar

    Yes please and thank you thank you thank you!

  197. Amanda Pinder Avatar
    Amanda Pinder

    Wow that would be amazing to win, thank you so much for the opportunity ๐Ÿ™‚

  198. Lolanae Avatar

    My daughter would flip! ~ Brandie Moody

  199. Marie Avatar

    Congrats on hitting 9,000!

  200. doug Avatar

    What a great bunch! Wow! Would love to win for my daughter. Thanks for the chance and Congrat’s!

  201. June Hatfield Avatar

    Congratulations on reaching 9000 likes! Dreaming of just one…..the package would be awesome! Good luck everyone!

  202. Glendeen Avatar

    AMAZING!!! … Congrats on 9000!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  203. jody blanchette Avatar
    jody blanchette

    my daughter would flip to win this. but i think i would gift a doll to my niece as well, share the wealth ๐Ÿ™‚ thankyou for the chance

  204. Mayleen H. Avatar
    Mayleen H.

    Wow!! I think I would have to share with a few friends. <3

  205. JenniferB Avatar

    I can’t breathe……..unbelievable give away!!! You are so generous!!! Congratulations on reaching 9,000!!! <3

  206. Lelonie Avatar


  207. Andrea Swan Avatar
    Andrea Swan

    are you freaking kidding me????? you guys are AMAZING! wow Wow and WOW! thanks for the opportunity to win this fantastic prize!!!!!

  208. Athena Avatar

    Wowsa!!! This is one amazing bundle of magical rainbow love. Please let us be charmed enough to win. Love all that you’ve done to bring such special companions into the world for young and not so young alike.

  209. Mari Avatar

    Congratulations Team Bambo!!!

    What a way to celebrate!!!!

  210. Grace Avatar

    How generous- you deserve every one of those 9k fans!

  211. BrendaSeider Avatar

    What an amazing and special giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity! Whether we win or not, I cannot wait to see my daughter with her first Bambo!

  212. Abbi Avatar

    WOW! What an amazing give away, thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  213. Kristen H. Avatar
    Kristen H.

    So lovely!!

  214. Allison S Avatar
    Allison S

    Oh my! This would be fabulous!!!

  215. Lisa F Avatar
    Lisa F

    OMG LOVE!!! this is AMAZING and so generous of you!! Our kiddos would be over the moon to win thank you so much for the chance!!!

  216. Gina Avatar

    Wow!!! They’re all beautiful!!! Congrats on your amazing business!

  217. Amy Bomberry Avatar
    Amy Bomberry

    Congratulations on reaching 9000 FB fans! You deserve the success, and I love how each doll is so lovingly created from your hearts. Thanks for the incredible opportunity <3

  218. Jacqueline Avatar

    Your one G E N E R O U S lady!!!

  219. Paula Procter Avatar
    Paula Procter

    Beautiful dolls, my daughters would LOVE these!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  220. Susan Gress Avatar
    Susan Gress

    Oh my! That is sooo generous. Thanks for the opportunity!

  221. Kristy Avatar

    Oh, this is a dream package! Congrats on 9000 likes! Thanks for the opportunity!

  222. erin Avatar

    ahhhmazing giveaway! So beautiful!!!
    congratulations on 9,000 fans. ๐Ÿ™‚

  223. Shelly Mogensen Avatar
    Shelly Mogensen

    Wow! So very Cool! Love! Love! ๐Ÿ™‚

  224. Christy Campbell Avatar
    Christy Campbell

    We have not been lucky enough to win one of your beautiful creations on an upload so all if these beauties would be very much so loved!!!!!!! Thank you for the generosity!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  225. Michelle H. Avatar
    Michelle H.

    I probably would faint to win this!! What a Generous WIN!!!
    Congrats on 9,000 plus LIKES! Beautiful, Beautiful!!
    There is enough dolly’s in this prize to give to each of the girls in our house including Myself
    the MOM!!! Amazing!

  226. Miya bella Avatar
    Miya bella

    Get out of town that is a an awful amount of sweet dolly goodness! Thank you of chance! x

  227. sherry l Avatar
    sherry l

    Congrats on all the fans!! You gals deserve it, putting out all the love every week! Thank you for the chance to win such a wonderful prize:) I would never resell it, how tacky would that be:D Now I just need quicker fingers!! Big hugs <3

  228. Shannon Avatar

    My girls (and I) would l love this set!!

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    Tamara Batson

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    Christie White

    Just saw these today on Pinterest!! My daughters and I are fans already!!

  232. Tiffany L. Avatar

    Squee!! I NEVER win anything, but a girl can dream ;). Congrats and many more fans to come!! xoxo

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    Tori Walter

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    Jamie Klassen

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    Heather Zatko

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    Grandma Lucie

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    Sara B

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    Jen Guidera

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    Nancy Ragot

    So generous of you:) I’d promise to never sell any piece of this package! My girls would be soooo thankful! Thank you for the chance to try:) Take care and congratulations!

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    Christine Foley

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    Jane Nakadomari

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    Mary Hunt

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    Lauren D

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    Kathy Terteli

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  250. mellissa cameron Avatar
    mellissa cameron

    I am so excited for the chance and want to say congrats on making the 9000 fans you deserve it you make wonderful dolls
    crossing every body part I can hoping I am not late

  251. Danyel Roy Avatar
    Danyel Roy

    Wow – I am always blown away by the giving Bamboletta does. Truly a remarkable company. <3 The entire package would be well loved here in our home.

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    Jennifer taylor

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    Shannon Leslie

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    Alison Jane

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    Lara Kisich

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    Deborah Johnston

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    Keren Huyter

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    michelle lyons

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    Tonya Dragt

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  272. LeilaniJ Avatar

    So beautiful!

  273. Tammy Howard Avatar
    Tammy Howard

    Wow your amazing today is 10 years since my daughter Brianna died from t-cell ALL and I would love to win this and auction it off in her name where all proceeds go towards a cure! Go Team Breezy

  274. Erin O Avatar
    Erin O

    Congratulations on your continued success! I cannot think of a more deserving group of ladies. You all are so generous and your dolls radiate with the love with which they are created. That being said… Eeeep! We would love to win these babies!!!

  275. Sunshine Mama Avatar

    What a generous and beautiful package! I’m crossing my fingers ๐Ÿ™‚

    And congratulations on the 9000 fans, you deserve it!

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    Barbie Harwell

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    Rene Alldridge

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    Kristin M

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  281. Shala Avatar

    OMG…so beautiful. I would love this for my birthday on Sunday. I’m turning the big 4-0 and could use some new dollies to help bring back my youth!

  282. Maranda Benckendorf Avatar
    Maranda Benckendorf

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  285. Whitney Avatar

    Congrats on 9,000 fans! I really would love to win this for my little girl. if not, thank you for giving me the inspiration to try my hand at making my own. She came out great and all I used was material we already have in the house.

  286. Laurie Green Avatar
    Laurie Green

    OMG! That is the most AMAZING prize package I have ever seen! Congrats on 9000!

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    Susan T

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    Heather Petersen

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    Erica M.

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    Bj Ketterman

    Bj Ketterman

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    Ashley Clark

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    Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please!
    Shawnt’e Smith

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    Estelle Craig

    I, like over 9,000 others would love to win. Congratulations on your success team Bambo

  305. Bernetta Avatar

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  307. Shannon Goldrich Avatar
    Shannon Goldrich

    There’s my rainbow girl and my red head!!!! LOVE

  308. kristen Avatar

    Kristen Kirby would LOVE to finally have a bamboletta in our home. My daughter would love her lotsa!

  309. Janet C. Avatar
    Janet C.

    Very generous giveaway. Congrats on surpassing 9000 “likes” on FaceBook. Just goes to show you how much people are interested in your talents!

  310. Erika Avatar

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    Shea Bristo

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    Angela Thompson

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    Jan H

    Well, you can’t win if you don’t enter, so here’s trying. ๐Ÿ™‚ Would be so awesome for my little girl. – Jan

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    Ashlie Souders

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    trudy sperry

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  319. Elizabeth McDonald Avatar
    Elizabeth McDonald

    Fingers crossed !! You are sucha’ giver!! Thank u much!!

  320. Rebecca Avatar

    Your generosity never fails to amaze me! Thank you sooooo much for the chance – crossing everything!!!

  321. Cindy H. Avatar
    Cindy H.

    HOLY MOLY!!!

  322. Felicia Avatar

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    Jamie S

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    Judy Abe

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  326. Carrie Mc W Avatar
    Carrie Mc W

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    Alyssa S.

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    Nicole Sanders

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    Cassie Moss

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    Lori S

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    Heidi Tryon

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    Kelly Harris

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    Jessica Gibbons

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    Linzy N

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    Penelope Haynes

    Oh… Gorgeous. Would love for these little baby to come live in Australia with us. Penelope Haynes

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    Melissa Williamson


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  353. Rachel Hagan Avatar
    Rachel Hagan

    Hoping to be the very lucky winner!!

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    Nikki Mullen

    We would LOVE to welcome these friends into our home!!! The rainbow gal is simply BEAUTIFUL!

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    Colleen Pham

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  356. linda Avatar

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    hope we’re lucky. my girls would love them ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Danielle M

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    Anna Rundall

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  362. Tonya Scarborough Avatar
    Tonya Scarborough


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    Laura Griffith

    What a generous and amazing giveaway!! We do not have th honor of owning one of your dolls yet, but this would be a dream come true!!

  364. Jenn E. Avatar
    Jenn E.

    Wow! Thank you for an awesome giveaway. The girls are gorgeous :). Good luck everyone :).

  365. holly v Avatar
    holly v

    Wow!! What an amazing contest! You are so very generous.
    My daughter just received a blanket doll for Christmas but this would be a dream! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  367. mari Avatar

    Wow! You are so kind – and congratulations!!!!

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    Abby C

    leaving my name at the end of the post. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Abby C.

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    Regan b

    Amazing <3

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    nancy m

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    Tam Totter

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    Amy Fisher

    Simply the most amazing gift ever–thanks for the chance to enter, and more importantly thank you for all that you do!

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  378. Laurie Sauve Avatar
    Laurie Sauve

    Ditto what Angela said. OMG! What a fantastic gift for someone she is the most perfect Bambo yet. Keeping my fingers crossed

  379. Katie P Avatar
    Katie P

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    Robyn Daley

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    Theresa Haas

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  382. elizabeth jeanne Avatar

    I see a lot of happy kids there… thank you from the fun… the dolls the hair the freckles the smiles! way to go Ladies!

  383. Alanna Avatar

    You are so generous to make such a wonderful giveaway. So happy I am on of the 9,000 fans that help support your wonderful company. Every doll is so beautiful and unique, I am excited to see them every week on Flickr! My kids would go nuts if these beauties were able to live in our home!!!

  384. Melissa Speegle Avatar

    OMG! How generous of you!!!!

  385. Amy S. Avatar
    Amy S.

    Oh my gosh. We love bamboletta! Thank you!!!

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    Carol White

    Gorgeous! My granddaughters are drooling. Enter us please!

  388. Jennifer L. Avatar
    Jennifer L.

    Just incredible!! Love it all and we love you gals that make them!! Thank you!!

  389. cathy adams Avatar
    cathy adams

    Love these

  390. Michelle D Avatar
    Michelle D

    what a wonderful gift! thanks so much for the opportunity!

  391. Rebecca U Avatar
    Rebecca U

    What an amazon gift for the lucky winner!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Rebecca U

  392. Terra C Avatar
    Terra C

    WOW!!! I would be so estatic to win this! My little girl would LOVE these (My son too for that matter!)

  393. Sonja Crowe Avatar
    Sonja Crowe

    CONGRATULATIONS ON 9,000 LIKES!!!! This would be a dream com true for my grandaughter and we would also share with frends (maybe) but they would be gifts to others and never sold. I can promise that.

  394. Jenny Avatar

    Congrats on your success! And please please please pick me. (I know, I know…)

  395. Sarah Blair Avatar
    Sarah Blair

    Hello dollies!!! Come live with us!

  396. Linda Greenwood Avatar

    Once again your generosity overwhelms me. 9,000 and counting and it couldn’t happen to a nicer person! Congratulations from one of your many, many admirers!

  397. Andrea G Avatar
    Andrea G

    Congrats to Team Bamboletta on a much deserved 9000! Here’s to many more ‘mile marker’ celebrations ๐Ÿ™‚ and thanks for the chance at such an over the top giveaway!!!! Hugs ๐Ÿ™‚

  398. kathryn turner Avatar
    kathryn turner


  399. Heather Rhoads Avatar
    Heather Rhoads

    Congratulations and Thank You for an amazing giveaway! Having these little ones in my home would be a blessing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  400. Danica stewart Avatar
    Danica stewart

    Omg who would have the heart to resell?! They’re perfection!!!!

  401. Kim G. Avatar
    Kim G.

    Congratulations on 9,000 fans! And how on earth are you going to top this amazing giveaway when you hit 10k?! Thank you for the chance!

  402. Courtney Wilson Avatar
    Courtney Wilson

    WOW! Congratulations on 9,000 likes! This would be an amazing win! Enough to share with some of my friends who just had tiny babies! Thanks for blessing a family! The dolls are so gorgeous!

  403. Meghan Shand Avatar
    Meghan Shand

    Oh my gosh I love you! Would love a special gift for my daughter who just turned 1! She loves babies!

  404. Christine Brady Avatar
    Christine Brady

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    Safiyah Ribis

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  406. Stacey Avatar

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    9000 fans, this is the ultimate package for a very special girl! Congratulations and thanks for opportuity to win!

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    So cute and what an awesome gift! Hope I can win it for my daughter’s birthday next Friday! Thanks so much for your generosity!