Meet ‘Tofu’

So this is my son’s new doll. I made him last night and put him on the bed for my little guy to wake up with this morning. I thought we were going to name him ‘Toby’ but Ben decided this morning that his name is ‘Tofu’. Tofu went everywhere with us today, to the midwife, grocery shopping and played with Ben in the backyard. It was so sweet to see this little bond grow between them. As a dollmaker, I make the dolls for children but I don’t get to see the interaction later on. Occasionally a parent and child will come by an event that I’m at with a previously purchaced doll and I get to see my dolls a few months ,perhaps a year later, loved and worn in. These times were always my favorite parts of the day. But to see Ben playing with and interacting with tofu was really something special.

Tomorrow I will post a pic of the fruits of my work ‘week’. I have one more doll to sew a half a head of hair on and then I’m done..and on to my next ‘week’.

Still no bebe. Midwife Jane says this baby is already measuring 8 pounds (give or take).






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  1. Judith Avatar


    Your dolls are really wonderful.
    Unfortunately, my English is not very good.
    With pleasure I would still write to you even more. But if you wanted, visit me, nevertheless, on my sides!

    Many greetings Judith

  2. Fatmah Avatar

    So cute <3 Thank you for sharing 🙂

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