My Little Secret

I’ve never made Ben a doll. He has a few dolls, but they are ones that just didn’t turn out quite right, never sold at markets or are an older style that I’m not wanting to sell. He’s never taken to any of them prefering to play with his trucks or trains, playing farm, kitchen or store..but never, ever with his dolls. I used to think that boys played trucks and girls played dolls due to social conditioning and I was convinced that my son would play with dolls and his trucks..ha, many of us thought that?

Anyways, the past few weeks I’ve noticed an increase in his imaginative play. He’s making voices for his different trains and using some of his gnomes to retell stories that I’ve told him. I asked him today if he’d like me to make him a doll and rather then the ‘no mama, it’s okay’ he responded with an enthusiastic ‘YES!’. My heart sang, it is the right time for Benjamin to have a doll. His name will be Toby, he has tan skin, brown eyes and red hair (interesting combo..but he picked it) I already had the body made so Ben’s doll will be made for when my sweetheart wakes up, I will work hard tonight to get the hair sewn on and face embroidered.

I’ll post a pic tomorrow.

Still no baby, but I guess you probably figured that out by now 🙂






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