New Style Doll

I’ve made a new style of doll. Well, it’s not really a new style, it’s my large baby doll. I took the body and made a doll that , what I think, look like a toddler. Her limbs are all jointed which means they all move independently. I just posted her on for sale. I love this tan skin tone with the brown hair.

I had such a lovely evening last night with a few good friends at this wonderful restaurant in Shawnigan Lake called Steeples (it used to be a church). It was so nice to have a long conversation not interupted with children. Sitting on the deck in the evening sun, I felt like just me..not a mom or a wife, but me – it was long overdue. This is one thing that I really miss about Vancouver. It was so easy to just meet up for coffee or grab a bite to eat with a pal. Here, you tend to stay home (really because it is such a nice place to be!). Anyways with my great new friends I’ve made and some more old friends moving to the ‘hood – I think evening teas will become more frequent.

Still no baby. I’m thinking it’s not coming until Christmas now. I had an acupuncture treatment yesterday to try to speed things along. No luck today.






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