I’ve never been so busy in my life personally with a new baby (who *loves* to eat!) and an active 3 year old, new house, husband and dog (in no particular order!). All this is going on and at the same time I have never been so busy professionally. I’ve had loads of press lately including this new one http://www.babyvibe.ca/Archives2007/Aug27,2007.cfm , CityTV, Shared Vision and a couple of other things. Store inquiries daily, requests for customs and I just can’t seem to make dolls fast enough to put up for sale on NaturalPod. No complaints 🙂 I think it’s the universe pushing me to take a jump with the business. John and I are really considering him leaving his job so we can do this together. Our lives are really simple, we aren’t looking at making heaps of money, it’s never ever been for the money (as any dollmaker can attest to!) but to think that maybe, just maybe we could do this. Stay home and raise our family together doing something that makes us so happy..hmmmm (smiling)






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