Good news today. I found out that ‘Shared Vision’ ( BC Mag on holistic living) is doing an article on Bamboletta. I’m not sure of the scope or size, but it’s exciting none the less. It’s funny, I’m ring to slow things down with the ‘biz’ and interest is just growing and growing. Isn’t that always the way?

Next week I am working on an order for I’ve created a gnome doll for the site that I’m eager to see posted, I’ll put up a pic when I’m done him. There are also a few babies and a mermaid in the mix.

Good Lord, could this baby be ANY bigger? Everything is such an ordeal right now..going up the stairs, picking things up off the floor, you name it it’s an event.

BTW my good friend Devon, who I have mentioned before is now officially blogging… it’s pretty new, but it will be a good one, I promise!

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