Woke up this morning to an inbox full of emails about a little blurb about me in http://www.sweetspot.ca/sweetmama_vancouver.php So exciting!

What I’m really happy about is that they mentioned me to be a ‘husband and wife’ team. We’ve been talking about the possiblity in a few years of John not working anymore and the two of us just being at home taking care of the kids and making dolls. I think he’s gotten past the ‘girly’ aspect of making dolls and has even mentioned he’d like to learn how to ‘machine’ (man code for sewing). He already helps out so much and makes my heads and cuts fabric and wool for me, but I think we are ready to step it up a notch. I’m also on the look out for some help with making some of my blanket and pouchy dolls.It’ll happen.


Hello, Dolly

Our first love? No, it wasn’t Tony in grade school. It was our first doll, Tina. She was more than a doll, she was our baby. We’d like to give our daughter the same memories, but finding a worthy faux-friend hasn’t been easy.

Our search finally ended with Bamboletta, an all-natural, handmade doll company located on Vancouver Island. These one-of-a-kind gems ($80+) are made with the purest materials available (think organic cotton for the skin, lambs wool stuffing, and a mixture of non-synthetic yarns for hair).

Made with love by a husband and wife team, Nonna herself is busy handknitting the gorgeous sweaters (too bad they didn’t come in adult sizes). And this family is only getting bigger. Since the creator has a baby on the way, she is limiting the amount of custom orders she’ll be taking this year for Christmas (Note to self: Order it now!).

The dolls come in an endless variety of sizes and types (babies, toddlers, mermaids and faeries), making it impossible not to find any child’s first love. (Unless, of course, she’s already met Tony in grade school.)







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  1. Devon Avatar

    …and meet Jasper too, of course!

  2. e.v. lowi Avatar
    e.v. lowi

    All’s well, Christina- thanks! I am enjoying your blog and love the new dolls. The Gnome is my favorite!!!

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