I think I have a ‘high need baby’. The little man doesn’t ever want to be put down, he’s fussy and irritable and is constantly wanting to eat! It’s a good thing he’s so cute I tell you, even his crazy seal pup looks make me melt! Jasper is the total opposite of what Benjamin was as a baby. I could even tell this when he was inside my belly, kicking about, always moving. I’ve come to really appreciate slings. I am a self confessed sling junky, owning 8 different types of carriers in total. By far my favorite is the Karma baby carrier, you just pop him in and out, it folds up small and best of all it’s in organic cotton! I love it, it gives me comfort. I’ve been able to sew with him in the sling, play with Benjamin, and even make an apple crisp! (not around the oven though..that’s bad..) Anyway, Karma slings are available at in the baby section. Not that I’m trying to sell you anything, I just really love this sling and want to spread the joy 🙂






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