I feel like I always start off my posts by saying that it’s been so busy – but, really, it has been so busy around here. Both the boys are healing with a healthy dose sunshine and kisses.  I am honestly so moved and touched by all the get well emails and mamas relaying their whooping cough experiences and advice – thanks mama’s!

What a ride this past week has been! Never in a million years did I expect the kind of response that the website has gotten. Holy smokes. The timing of it all has been quite funny though -boys are ill, John working full time, no childcare help (not even playdates!). But, I’ve got a great bunch of friends working with me on this and we’re really making this happen – it’s a really exciting time to see that my dream is coming true. I have a doll business! I mean I’ve had a doll business for years now, but for some reason now it feels official and like its almost it’s own entity, if that makes sense.

A friend and I were yaking today about how funny it would be if they did a documentary about WAHMS (work at home moms) – like the fantasy vs. the reality. I think we have this idealized picture of what it would be like , children playing quietly while we email, sew or whatever and all the other scenarios we’ve concocted in our minds. Don’t get me wrong, there are those moments, but there are some pretty crazy times too. Here are a few from this week –

– talking to someone at ‘Mothering’ yes, ‘Mothering’ , and having to hang up suddenly because your youngest just banged his head into the corner of the table.

– doing a phone interview with a potential seamstress (trying to act all professional) and your youngest has decided that he wants to breastfeed – RIGHT NOW.

– in the middle of setting up banking stuff with your eldest screaming because the youngest has torn down his pirate ship made with the couch cushions, 1/2 your fabric stash (that you’ve let him take apart because you are talking to the bank guy and it’s keeping them quiet) – and no stare that you can throw is enough to stop the hysteria of a broken pirate ship.

Next week some normalcy comes back into our lives. Ben is back at school, I’ll have some childcare help and I have my mom (ahhh) coming to spend a week with me. I’ll get back to regular blogging and Lucy will have her posts back on Sundays. Ahh, the good life!






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  1. erin Avatar

    so glad the boys are on the mend! xx

  2. Amber Avatar

    My brief career as a WAHM told me it’s way harder than I ever could have imagined. I’m so impressed that you manage it as well as you do. And hopefully the people you work with understand that this is what it means like to juggle a business and a family.

    And I’m glad the boys are getting better.

  3. ramona Avatar

    you should win a price. i mean all those mothers should do. i so know what you are speaking about, hehe 🙂 you post made me smile knowingly. great work you do!

  4. Rebecca Avatar

    About work at home moms, your post reminded me of my friend’s blog. She deals with a lot of similar questions, and I thought you might be interested. Her blog is at http://jennifernew.wordpress.com/. Enjoy! (p.s. Congrats on the business becoming more REAL. Made me think of the Velveteen Rabbit.)

  5. CanCan Avatar

    This is like my life, down to the breastfeeding at inopportune times AND the sibling rivalry.
    Minus the ability to sew and/or have a business. 🙂

  6. Cheryl Avatar

    What ups and downs! So happy to see the store up and such a great response for you.

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