Oh jeeze, 10 days since my last post… the shame!

I’ve been shipping the gals off to different publications for their ‘holiday gift guide’ issues. I don’t want to say which ones, because who knows what can happen between now and then. I’d feel a bit embarrassed if I was talking about them and then for some reason it doesn’t happen 🙂 Anyhow, I let you know when it happens.

It’s been blanket doll time here at chez Platt. The school store at the VWS starts up soon and I need to stock up on my smaller items, ie blanket and pouchy dolls. (*oh my goodness! I just peeked into my sling and baby Jasper gave me his second ever smile..sniff, sniff!*) I did make a large doll too, Celeste, who is one of my favorite dolls that I’ve ever made. Next week I start to work on some baby dolls.

We went to Vancouver for a short visit and to stock up on fabrics, thread and such. We stopped into the aquarium for Benjamin and took in the dolphin show. This is a shot from the seal exhibit. The aquarium is one of 3 things I miss about Vancouver (1. ikea, 2. sushi and 3. the aquarium) There are people I miss too, obviously, but these are my three things.






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    christina at bamboletta

    Thanks Berrie!! I look forward to my pile of goodies from you!!

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