I had a total Amanda Soule kind of day. We had family organic spelt pancakes, did a couple of crafts and then we went for a nature walk looking for Fairy homes and to teach the kids about tree fungi. Apparently learning about tree fungi is really important (according to John).

I’m trying to catch up on all my shipping right now. We had quite a few orders go out this week and a great sale on Etsy on Friday. Shipping has to be one of my favorite things to do. On the custom dolls this is when I cut their hair, blush their cheeks and get them dressed and ready to go. I get to wrap them up all snug in their bed/box – they always get a hug before getting in there.

We are trying to get the shipping part a tad more organized though. Right now it’s all done where the dolls are made, I’m always searching for the ribbon or looking for the beeswax to blush them. I’m taking over another room in the basement and making a storage/ dressing/ shipping area. It’s my laundry room but there is tonnes of space in there. We went to Home Depot and bought some laminate for the floor and I’m -who am I kidding – John is going to paint it. I bought some Expedit shelving from Ikea and now I’m looking for an island-y type table to put in the middle. Then there’s the lighting, but I’m not there yet. When we bought this house originally John was going to have the basement to do his own thing, sadly now he only has the garage…for now!

Like any of this is interesting to anyone! Lol, it’s all about the journey and it’s like all of you are along the ride with me.  Stay  tuned – in the next week or so I’m going to do my very first ‘Sew Along’ type of  thing – I’m just trying to figure out how it will work. It’s going to be for this kind of a doll.







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  1. Annique Avatar

    It’s very fascinating to hear about your journey and the expansion of “Bamboletta Dolls”!

    It makes us (and the dolls we already own as well as the ones we will own someday) feel interconnected!

    It’s what makes buying handmade so “rich”! You don’t hear about the interconnectedness of mass produced products and the journey a family takes as the mass produced products develop!

    Best wishes

  2. cheryl Avatar

    Wow! I can hardly wait, My son commented on that doll as he loves that one. I’m so glad to know that you hug the dolls as thats the first thing I do when I recieve one. Its the squishability factor in them I think.

  3. erin Avatar

    oh yay – i really want to make a doll like that! i always admired the ones at miss polly’s. i have an old sweater all ready to go! xx

  4. Erica Hildebrand Avatar

    Oh that baby is too cute! How exciting, now if only I could sew! I dream all the time…

    Tree fun-guy ((as we call it) is a must for children, it develops literacy, clear thinking, and morals *wink wink*

  5. Julie Avatar

    You make beautiful dolls!

  6. Ann Bachhuber Avatar
    Ann Bachhuber

    Christina: This is a cute, baby doll. I would love to make one w/my daughter!

  7. Prairie Girl Avatar

    How fun!! Can’t wait 🙂

  8. John Avatar

    I guess I’m painting on the weekend…?
    Hubby xxxx

  9. Pink Sky Avatar
    Pink Sky

    Well, I for one thing it’s interesting and love reading about how the little ones find their way to other homes. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  10. Christine Avatar

    Yikes! Don’t start yet – I’m not ready – I have to dig out a sweater to become a beautiful being! (hee hee) Can’t wait to “Sew-along” with you…

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