We headed down to the Farmers Market early this morning for first dibs on some yummy, fresh. local strawberries. Ben and I then spent the morning cleaning and freezing them for the winter. The market here is fantastic, there is everything you could want and more. I found a wonderful lady that sells fresh poultry and veggies from her farm every week. I’ve learned a lot about organic farming and eating from her the past few weeks. Her products are fantastic.

Those two Babies are my latest venture in jointing with doll joints. Little gal on the left has no hair, I’m waiting to hear back from a customer about what kind of hair she’d like on her. The other little gal will be up for sale either today or tomorrow on Naural Pod ( www.naturalpod.com ) . I’m working on a fairy next, inspired by the srawberry season! Im going to go to the ‘Loom’ yarn shop and see what kind of strawberry fairy hair I can find for her. I love making the fairies so much, you can just go crazy with them. When I was little I used to be obsessed with them, my mom says that when I was around 4 or 5 I used to think that dragonflies were fairies.

Well, gotta go and wake up Ben from his nap..






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