My dad came to visit recently. I caught the two boys having a nap on the couch.






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  1. Stephanie Avatar

    Okay, just emailed you about slinging the babe – you’re way ahead of me! I love my sling (Maya Wrap) and just can’t quite afford to be a sling junkie. However, my sis-in-law is and I get to see and try all of hers – she just got the new and improved Ergo and LOVES it!

  2. Berrie Wren Bowen Avatar
    Berrie Wren Bowen

    Christina, I love the new look of your blog. The babies are darling also! What a delight to see a whole pile of them looking ready to go to their new homes.

    Good Work!

  3. christina at bamboletta Avatar
    christina at bamboletta

    Lol, unfotunetly the ‘John’ isn’t for sale! It;s been an eye opening experience..all I can say is that we aren’t doing this for money are we Berrie? 🙂 We are so lucky to have something that we both enjoy ssooo much, goodness, I’m just happy to break even..but don’t tell my business hubby John that 😉

  4. christina at bamboletta Avatar
    christina at bamboletta

    Thanks Devon, I can only hope that one day I can get both my kids in their carseats as fast as you can get your in theirs, it’s a thing of beauty speedy gonzalos you!

  5. pascaline Legros Avatar
    pascaline Legros

    what a great picture to cherish later on!

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