What a Week!

I feel as though I’m coming out of the abyss of birth. It’s been a crazy, sleep deprived, love drunk, time warp of a week. My little Jasper is such an angel – I think I have chapped lips from kissing him so much! Thanks so much for all the emails, calls and pressies – we all feel really loved right now. I owe a huge thanks to my wonderful midwife Jane from Cowichan Midwifery Group, she went above and beyond for us. She’s a Super Trouper ( I’m listening to Abba right now).

On the work frount (well, there is no work for a while..until I figure out how to sew while holding a baby, which I will, just give me time 😉 ) Natural Pod had a legnthy segment on Breakfast Television on CityTV this morning. Bridgitte was a *star*, she was so great on TV, a total natural! Bamboletta got a great plug. I had my Baby doll, Mermaid, Large Bamboletta and blanket doll talked about..very exciting! Bridgitte even mentioned my Nonna (who does all my knitting). My parents taped the segment and are showing Nonna tonight. She’ll be so excited.






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  1. Stephanie Avatar

    Congrats on your new babe! Hope all went well – he’s simply beautiful. I saw on the news last night that the Arkansas couple just had #17! I told my husband that I so wish we could have more (we have 8). He thinks I’m smokin’ something I’m sure!

  2. Stephanie Avatar

    Jasper looks like he really loves the quilt. Slings are just awesome! Also, did your birth go the way you wanted it?

  3. christina at bamboletta Avatar
    christina at bamboletta

    that is fantastic Berrie! i’m so happy that you are taking the jump.
    i’m in the position now to either hire someone on to do some piece work for me or get in someone to look after the wee ones a few hours a day. i’m thinking the latter because I’m far too much of a control freak to let anyone else do my dolls. i know you can relate to that 🙂
    hugs, christina
    ps..lovin’ the quilt!!

  4. Kennedy & Friends Co. Avatar
    Kennedy & Friends Co.

    WOW Christina! You are one busy woman! I truly hope things will work out you two can make dolls together for a living. Good luck!
    PS: Your new baby is adorable!

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