I’ve been trying to keep on the blog consistently, but have failed miserably! Over 10 days since my last entry..tsk, tsk.

We’ve been having lots of fun exploring our surroundings this week. There are so may great place to go to with little ones. This week we found a great place called Bright Angel Park, it’s so beautiful there. It’s a river that is perfect for little ones because it’s calm and doesn’t go past the knees. Very good place to be on these recent hot days.

I’m redesigning my website right now. I’m trying to streamline it and make it a source of information for my customers. I’ll be adding a newsletter and another blog site among other things. I found a really great illustrator to work with, we are in the works to design an illustration for the site/ price tags/ business cards. I’m not sure that this is the best timing to be doing something like this, I can tell that this baby of mine wants out. It’s moving around like a little acrobat.

I just finished up this breastfeeding doll for a customer of mine. I don’t do these very often. It was a wonderful doll to make in my ‘state’ 🙂






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  1. M&M Avatar

    congratulations your dolls are lovely.

  2. onemotherslove Avatar

    Oh my goodness, your dolls are fabulous!! I think I’ll start saving for a big doll for my baby! hehe… Anyway, do you mind if I add a link to you under Mommy Blogs on my blog? MY BLOG

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