This is my new little guy Samson. He’s one of the 12″ dolls that I just made up. I’m trying to make up more of these smaller dolls, they are such a nice size for little ones. Benji has a 12″ doll , Emily, that is just perfect for him. Most of my customers are buying dolls for their 2 and 3 year olds and the 17″ dolls are just a tad overwhelming. When I was checking back on the Natural Pod site though I noticed I have a lot of Caucasian dolls..well, they are all Caucasian. I hadn’t noticed everything had sold off. So, next week I’m going to work on adding a tad more ‘colour’ 🙂

So today we bought a minivan. It’s a 2000 Toyota one and it’s a pretty goldy/pearl colour. I NEVER thought I’d ever get a minivan..ever, but they really are practical. With the new baby coming and next summer’s Farmers Markets, I think I’ll get some good use out of it. It just seems like such a mom thing, you know? I should just come to grips with the fact that I am a mom..ha, ha!

I’ll get some pics up of the new and improved Baby dolls tomorrow. One will be posted on Natural Pod tomorrow for sale. Her name is Stella and she has the most fantastic hair. One of the yarns I used on her is handspun by Lorna, the owner of Westcott Farms where I am getting my wool from. She has these beautiful dark brown sheep that she got the wool for this doll from. So, it hasn’t been dyed..just carded and spun..beautiful! It’s a bit of a yucky day outside and I can’t get a good shot of her so I’ll wait until tomorrow.

We’ve become obsessed with the show ‘Lost’. We’ve been renting the series on DVD and it has taken over my life. Anyone else obsessed with this show?

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