Little Visitors

Since the weather has warmed up, all sorts of little visitors have come out to play on our property. Dragonflies, hummingbirds, bumblebees and frogs. Not too long ago after arriving home from work, my daughter Emily announced that a bird had flown into her room. So with soft reassuring whispers we carefully cupped it in the palms of our hands and set it free back out into the sunshine. We often gently relocate all sorts of insects found on our living room windows and though the feeling is rewarding (save the bees!) they are hardly exciting compared to the rescuing of a trapped bird . It was such a magical and lovely experience and made Emily’s wish of holding a real live bird, come true.

Our second little visitor of this season came as I was watching a movie in our bedroom. I noticed something move out of the corner of my eye when on the far side of the bed, I saw a small shadow jump. This instantly got me up for an instant investigation. I was surprised to  discover a little green tree frog perched on the edge of my grandmother’s quilt. If I hadn’t know better I would have said he actually seemed interested in my entertainment for the evening! The way he just sat there quietly facing our TV screen, atop his small hill of patchwork, certainly made it seem that way! My husband and I had a good giggle thinking of this. Then, picking him up gently, I returned him back into the outdoors.
This is our family’s fourth year at Iron Wood Ranch. It’s now common knowledge that soon-to-be-summer rescues and little visitors will become weekly, even daily, events and welcomed ones at that. To me they are the simple, small reminders that we are all connected, and a part of something greater…..

Actual frog from story not pictured 😉

Happy Spring!









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  1. KarenK Avatar

    I grew up in a family of critter rescuers. The memories of so many of our saved friends has always stayed with me. What a lovely way to teach your daughter that “we are all connected, and a part of something greater”. Beautifully written!! 🙂

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