Getting to the point, Bamboletta style.

There’s one thing that we do a lot of at Bamboletta, and that would be repetitive motion!  It comes in forms of sewing, hair and fabric cutting, typing at the computer and sewing machine, packing and making boxes, etc.
Throughout the day we’ll pause to stretch and then get back to work. This really helps us maintain our bodies basic needs on a daily basis, but there are times when we need a professional to step in.
Acupuncture seems to be one the favorite therapies of choice for us ladies in the studio.  We’ve used it to help our bodies heal at an excellerated rate.  We’ve used it for carpal tunnel, strained arms, sore arms, backs and shoulders.  Within a few treatments, our symptoms seem to obliterate.
One of our favorite ladies to go see is a wonderful woman from Shawnighan lake called Sarah Tillie. Sarah spent four years studying Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vancouver (as well as time spent in China) and takes an incredible combination of western and eastern medicine to help treat illness and injury. Sarah has a magical touch like no other acupuncturist I’ve met.  We highly recommend her for our local customers to see when their bodies are experiencing aches and pains!







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