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Just a quickie as I am doing this at 1am while typing with one hand, holding baby Jasper. Here is the mock up for my new website! I wanted something fresh and cute and am working with an illustrator and design team at aeolida. I just wanted to add some illustrations to the site but it still operates using a wordpress design. So, soon, I will be shutting down my blogger site and moving things over to my wordpress/ site blog. This way I’m all in one place. I think I’ll still keep my flickr account open though.
I also met up with a mutual friend of my friends (if this makes sence) to start working for me making some clothes and my more simple dolls. She is a really great mama and has the nicest energy about her. I’ve got a great feeling about this ‘relationship’. She went to costume design school in NS and is so full of knowledge about pattern drafting and construction, I’m sure she’ll teach me a thing or two! We are going to meet up weekly and work, while our babies (hopefully) sleep! This week she is constructing some new dresses for my 14″ dolls..I’m so excited. I gave her some olive and tangerine coloured organic fabric to work with, we’ll see what we can come up with.
I’m posting a new doll this afternoon on, she is very sweet and her name is Bree 🙂 This week I am working on getting some more blanket dolls and pouchy dolls made.






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  1. Berrie Wren Bowen Avatar
    Berrie Wren Bowen

    I love the look you are going with on your new website. Yeah! Love seeing our dear little dolly business growing. Are we allowed to have this much fun?

    xoxo Berrie

  2. anna Avatar

    You have been busy mama! How do you find the time? That basket looks beautiful with all those dolls.

  3. anna Avatar

    Total sweetness. Bodhi was a bit of a fussy babe and the sling was also my bestfriend!!!

  4. Berrie Wren Bowen Avatar
    Berrie Wren Bowen

    More details! I, too, am working out the business side of this doll making frenzy I’m in. How do I get one of those “Johns” you speak of?

    xoxo Berrie

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    so cute!!


  6. Devon Avatar

    It looks so great! I’m sure you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish with two in a year from now. Looking forward to more updates once you take things up a notch work-wise.

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