Please see my last post to win a doll! Thanks for all the comments so far. Number 3, her name is Scarlett, looks to be in the clear lead. I’m going to repeat myself in saying that the winner of this contest will get a doll that matches up with their favorite.  Contest closes Saturday night and I’ll announce the winner then.

I don’t mean to plug but I will here.. Scarlett, the clear favorite, is still for sale at Natural Pod. When I gave her to NP to sell I didn’t think she’s last very long before she sold but she’s been on there for a month now.  She’s waiting for the right family!

We had a super dreamy weekend. My parents came to stay with us and celebrate Jasper’s 1st birthday. My mom basically swept the children away and left us with a few hours here and there to ourselves. We haven’t had that in some time, it was well needed.  John works really long hours at his work and when he comes home it’s time to put Ben to sleep and then it’s what we lovingly like to call ‘the crazy hours’ before Jasper finally falls asleep..usually around midnight. We had it so organized when Ben was a little baby but with Jasper it’s different. Anyhow, I’m babbling. John and I went to this amazing restaurant called Amuse at Shawnigan Lake which is about 15 minutes from our house. We had a 3 hour dinner..ohh how luxurious!


The cute house in which the restaurant is in.


Me, while eating the food. John’s halibut.


This is a lavender farm around where I live. This picture is of one of their fields (they have 4) of lavender in full bloom, it is so beautiful right now. The other crop is grapes. Lots of vineyards near where I live. So much wine and so little time. Ha! I can’t even finish a glass anymore.






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  1. Devon Avatar

    yay for you two! your mama is so great, and you look so cute enjoying your dinner!

  2. Meike Avatar

    Such wonderful pictures! Isn’t is great, the way grandparents can just swoop in and let you have a couple of hours of true you-time? I’ll have to remember that for when I’m old and grey and my kids have kids themselves (hopefully). Which should still be a loooong time from now, LOL!

    P.S. It seems Scarlett snuck away during the night because she’s not living at Natural Pod anymore! I think she secretly took off to those lavender fields. 🙂

  3. Christine Avatar

    Ah, a diner for two. It has been a loooong time since my husband and I did that. We’ll get to it some day again. 🙂 Hope you had a great evening!
    I really love that picture of the lavender field. It must smell awesome walking around there! Wouldn’t it be magic to sit in that gazebo with a cup of tea and dream…..


  4. erin Avatar

    oooh yummy – mike and i had a 3-hour dinner sans kids there back in the spring for our anniversary.
    we’re so lucky to have so much amazing food and drink surrounding us here.

  5. erin Avatar

    …even if there is a sad lack of cheap sushi!

  6. stephanie Avatar

    Love the pic of you eating – it is totally cute:)

  7. Leanna Avatar

    arn’t the lavender fields so beautiful. We have some really close by too, she lets you come and pick your own from her field once year for free. I missed it this year…. 🙁 Grandparents are wonderful, my mom is watching Poppy a couple of times a week for a couple of hours so I can go do some exercise. I love that time.

  8. admin Avatar

    ohh Devon it was so dreamy! The food was amazing 🙂 The company was pretty amazing too! It’s times like those that you really remember why you married them in the first place.
    Meike, I can’t even fathom B or J having seems so far away. Scarlett went off to her new home, I hope she is happy!
    Christine.. I think the last time John and I had dinner like that was at our wedding. Really. We used to go out to eat a lot before kids but it was always to more casual restaurants. We got a gift certificate from our neighbours for this restaurant, which is why we were there. John loves pubs and I’ve been trying to convince him that fine dining is an experience, he just saw it as a bit of a waste of money. Now, after our date, he’s convinced that these are special places with very special food. It’s so fantastic you have to eat slowly.
    Erin.. cheap sushi, the choice between south and north Indian food, Ikea and H&M..these things I miss dearly. Yes, and my friends and family natch! See you tomorrow!
    Thanks Stephanie!
    Leanna..Oh to work out again. You are so lucky. That is next on my list, I hate not feeling strong and my baby belly HAS to go 😉

  9. Deonna Blais Avatar

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