These are my newest dolls. They are off to their new home in Toronto. I love that the mom got a mix of ethnicities for her kids. This was a really fun order to do. I just love doing custom orders for kids, working with parents to really make something special for their child.

This week Natural Pod will be at the Island Organics Festival in Victoria. So, this weeks work for myself is as many organic blanket dolls as I can possibly make. Every week until the baby is born is now ‘booked’ with orders or trying to build up my stock. I’ve already got my Christmas orders booking up. I’m taking a limited amount of custom work for Christmas time, I need to keep my time open to work on stuff for all the different shows and events.

My parents and sister came over for the long weekend. It was so great to see them all. Something about having your mom come to your home and just basically ‘take over’ is very comforting when you are pregnant.

Off to finish ‘Lost’ season 2 and make some heads. I’m happy and sad that it’s over, I know that there is another season, but it’s not on DVD so we are going to have to wait. I’ve never been into a show this much..well except for ‘Melrose Place’, but that was a long time ago.






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  1. Devon Avatar

    I love the gnomey gnome! Will you be making more? So so cute!

  2. Ella Avatar

    this is so organized! i definitely need to set myself up with something like this.
    i love that you are waiting to know the sex of your babe. So many people i know who are having their 2nd/3rd etc… want to know if their having a girl or boy so they can plan..? Personally i wouldn’t give up the surprise.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    I am such a fan of your dolls! I can’t wait to see what happens next!!

  4. Devon Avatar

    I am glad to see the doll parts have become a doll:)
    A very interesting peek into the process!

  5. Stephanie Avatar

    I’m assuming you’ve had your babe! I just stumbled across your blog – I’m a new dollmaker with 8 kiddos (the last 2 are homebirths)in Utah. I sure hope your birth was everything you hoped for.

    On another note: I’ve been reading through your blog and I must say that you’re dolls are gorgeous! Do you crochet a cap before attaching the hair?

  6. Deborah Avatar

    Found your site through an ad in my favorite Mothering Magazine. Your dolls are fantastic! They make me want to be a kid again or get pregnant again and hope for a girl 🙂 We just read an article in the new Nov/Dec Mothering about boys with dolls. My husband agrees that it would be beneficial to get our son a doll. He is only 16 months so we have time to wait to introduce him to one, but, I also read how booked you are (and probably are often). I would love know a slower time for you so we can discuss a custom doll for him.

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