My friend Devon , photographer extraordinaire, is having a contest over on her blog. It’s for a portrait session. Even if you don’t live on our Island she is giving away a pretty sweet assortment of goods made by Constance.

We had a lovely day today. I dropped of a few new dolls at Trendy Tots in Duncan then we went to the Farmer’s Market for some strawberries. There really is nothing like BC strawberries. So sweet and red, mmm. We ate a pint on the way home and another pint after dinner with some whipped cream. I’m fortunate enough to get milk straight from a farm out here, so all I do is skim off the top cream and whip that up. It is so amazingly good.

There are three new dolls up on Natural Pod tonight for ‘adoption’. Remember they are having a contest too- so sign up for that.






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  1. Lindsay Avatar

    Those cherries sound so good, I am JEALOUS! My husband has been making comments about a move up to Canada… well see!

  2. admin Avatar

    What part of Canada is he thinking of? I know so many Americans who have moved up here, marrying our men to get into the country! Ha, I’m joking. It seems to me that alot of people are moving right now..either to the sticks to be more self sufficient or to Portland. All the cool kids are in Portland 🙂

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