I can’t believe I’m having a baby in a few weeks, it all seems so surreal. This pregnancy has been so much easier then my last one, I keep foorgetting that I’m pregnant. I guess running after a 3 year old all day takes your mind off things. I feel pretty prepared though. I have a doula lined up and I *love* my midwife Jane. We are going to try for a homebirth but I’m open to whatever happens.

I’m tring to finish up some orders and get as much stuff on at Natural Pod as possible. I’m not sure how well new baby and dollmaking will go together. John is going to try to get 3 months off paternity leave which would be just dreamy. I’m fielding wholesale requests weekly and had a huge American company enquiring about the dolls a few weeks ago, but at this moment my focus is to be a mom. After baby is born, I’m going to really look at Bamboletta and where I want it to go. There are a few crafty mamas that I met in Cobble Hill that I think I can get to make my smaller dolls like my Pouchy, Blanket, Toddler and Lavender Cuddlies. Then I can make the Babies and various sized Bamboletta’s.

Speaking of my Babies (the cloth kind), I’ve redone how I joint them. I love the button jointing, but it isn’t the most sturdy if you have a rambuntious young child. Kids love to spin the arms round and round and round (because they can!) and the previous jointing would snap. Anyhow, I started looking at how teddy bears were constructed, ones with articulated limbs and wanted to construct the Babies the same way. I ordered in some joints and through some trial and error am really pleased with the results. I dislike that they are plastic, I hate for anything plastic to be in my dolls, but, I figure it’s better then a child playing with a doll and it’s arm falling off! Not a good scene!

I have to say a big THANKS to my good pal Devon, who gently reminded me of how lame a blog that is updated monthy is.. she is starting a blog soon about her photography and we have decided to become blog buddies and make sure that each other posts regularly. More on her when she get’s up and running….






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  1. Ella Avatar

    embracing parenthood with the minivan!! it will be perfect with 2 real life bambolettas. i only just realized that you are keeping a blog. How did i miss that? i’ll be checking in frequently as i wonder about the arrival of your newbie.

  2. Berrie Wren Bowen Avatar
    Berrie Wren Bowen

    Hi Christina, Hey I found your blog! Your dolls are so sweet and I love reading about”what’s up”.

    xoxo Berrie

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    Hi Christina..its michele..i found your blog..oh how lucky you are to have moved away from Vancouver..i love Vancouver Island..its so quiet and serene there..Congrats on the new baby on the way!! i look forward to reading your blog ect!!!


  4. Tall Tree Photography Avatar
    Tall Tree Photography

    I love this photo too! Thanks for posting it.

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