Whoa, sorry for not posting for such a long time. It’s been a really crazy week around here. We spent last weekend over in Vancouver which was so much fun. John came this time and we were able to squeeze in some ‘dates’. Our ‘dates’ now include the wool shop, fabric store, Ikea and sushi. This is one of our fav’s on Main Street ‘Ogenki Sushi’. I’m going to Vancouver again this weekend with just the kids this time so I’ll spend some quality ‘date’ time with my sister. I think we’ll go to the ‘Sex in the City’ movie together..it seems like something you should do with your sister. Everytime the ad comes on TV, John calls me into the room and says ‘you know, I’d go and see that with you if you want’..ha.. he totally wants to go see it.


I’m back in Vancouver this weekend for my first Farmer’s Market of the season. It’s been two years since I’ve done one, I’m totally looking forward to it! The boys were painting my riser’s before supper today. There is so much involved with doing a market..lots of things to bring.  I am so happy to have my minivan, aka ‘Mom Bomb’ which is becoming very nicely covered in bumper stickers. I look for the hippiest, corniest ones around. I got a ‘pfft’ with an eye roll the other day in the Thrifty’s parking lot from some guy who read my ‘Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, only then will your mind be free’ by none other than Bob Marley. Love it.


Nothing on Etsy this week I’m afraid. But I promise a big batch of new dolls next week!








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