I love making Fairy’s so much. It is such a luxury to make them to handstitch and cut out all those lovely shapes – it almost sends me over the edge! This gal here is ‘Cherry Blossom’ and she is number two of a series of three Spring Fairy’s.  I’ll be working on ‘Bluebell’ soon. I just received an order of felt today that will work for ‘Bluebell’s’ outfit. I’m planning to make three fairy’s per season. ‘Tulip’, who was Spring Fairy number one has now gone off to Washington to live.

Thanks for the emails of concern over last blog post. I still can’t say what is going on, but, it’s all going to work out. I think this is a business growing pain that is teaching me how I want this business to work for me. It is such a balancing act with the kids, John, house, friends, etc. I truly believe in my Bamboletta ‘vision’ and know deep in my heart that this is all on the path it is supposed to be in – I just got to trust it.

Etsy will have a few new dolls on it tomorrow. Two will be reserves and two will be up for sale. This is the plan for now, but I’m writting this blog post at 3:48am with a coughy baby sleeping over my shoulder.. we’ll see how I feel in the morning.

xo, c






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  1. Lindsay Avatar

    Again, it is not only 3 people who read! As i mentioned in my convo on etsy, ive been a bamboletta fan for a while and have finally found an excuse to get one….

    I love that fairy. THere are no words….. I do hope everything is OK!

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