So, my application is off to Circle Craft. Now I have to wait and see if I get in. Ohh, the agony of waiting. I’m really excited about this year. I’ve got my market dates booked for Vancouver (at the Vancouver Farmer’s Market), the Moss Street market and ,hopefully, Circle Craft. I missed doing these kinds of events last year but I was kind of busy with moving to a new city and having a baby. There is something so satisfying about seeing children with the’s what it’s all about!

Ben is totally into his school now. We had a really tough go when we started him in January, lots of tears and staying in the class with him. Now he cries when I go to pick him up, lol,  what is worse for a mama? Anyways, I recieved my first ever mama school gift yesterday. So precious! I got a hand dipped beeswax candle that he made in class that day. So freakin’ cute! There are so many unexpected emotions that go with parenting. The joy from getting a gift yesterday was one of them.

Does anyone else share the same love for the ‘Rebar’ cookbook that I do? Jeez Louis, there is not one single bad recipe in there! I made the Mount Fuji Stirfry  the other day and am having leftovers as a snack right now while I type. Delicious!


I think this is one of my all time favorite dolls that I’ve made. So cute and chubby! He’s part of an order for Robert at Mahar Dry Goods. 






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