After the Molly auction had finished and all items were shipped out – it felt sort of anti climatic to just drop off the auction cheque at a lawyers office…. almost as though I owed it everyone to deliver it in person. So many prayers and work went into all the items, so many well wishes and love in each and every donation and  bid.  So, I made the trip into Vancouver  to deliver it in person  (many of you think I live in Vancouver but I’m on Vancouver Island – it’s about  4 hours away  with a drive and ferry.)

Of course I was so excited – we managed to put together 5 dolls for all the Campbell kids (thanks Crystal and Christine for working so hard and long to get those together!) I arranged to meet Dave at the hospital at the coffee shop. Anyhow – we met , he was thankful and liked the dolls – we met for a few minutes and it was nice to be able to tell him a little bit about how great you guys are and what you did.

One of the most special things I was able to give the family  was the ‘Tina Walter’s Quilt’. When I got this quilt I just about emailed Tina asking her if I could  donate it to Molly directly – it was such a special piece. But I thought it best to put it in the auction .. I had to include this note that went with it …. There were tears in the shop when we got this item..

‘ ‘Happy Days for Molly’ – I kept thinking this over and over again as I worked on this quilt. It is not perfect. but it has a lot of happy thoughts and goodness worked into it. The fabric was given up ever so gladly by my mother, cut up by my good sister and sewn up by me. It comes with our love and the care and concern of everyone here. My two year old came downstairs last night, saw me with the quilt, and said ‘No more, no more’. I took him on my knee and explained to him who it was fore, what it was for, he nodded sympathetically, smiled, then ran off to play. Thank you so much for doing this. I know it will be a great success – it already has been because it show’s Molly and her family that Molly matters and that love abounds no matter what.’

Tina Walters and her family

A very generous family ‘won’ this auction for over $2300! An amazing amount of money for Baby Molly. Soon after the auction Petra forwarded me a note from the Wagners saying that they had decided to give the quilt to Molly as a symbol of all the people around the world that are rooting and thinking about this very special little girl. None the less there were tears (again) when we got that note .. lol .. lots of tears of gratitude over the past few weeks! So a HUGE thanks to the Wagners – what a kind and generous act.  Jan Sparks (who was bidding for the quilt too) emailed me and is sending the Wagners a bobble sweater  as a thanks(they were bidding on that one too) Jan won a doll and quilt pillow set made by fellow Aussie Danielle Bush – she donated this set to Molly as well .. this too was given to Dave when I met him.

And speaking of Jan Sparks – her and a few other customers got together and got me a gift certificate to Moop – one of my favorite bag places .. I’ve been eyeing a bag there for a few months now – thanks ladies! What a super kind gesture and everytime I use that bag I’ll think of this special time.

Again though I’d like to thank the whole Bamboletta community – I am so proud of what each and everyone of you did .. all of us together made a difference. My heart was so full of joy and thankfulness. I think each of us were touched by this story – all us moms recognized our little one’s in Molly’s freshly squeezed newborn face and we so much wanted to help this family.

So – let’s keep Molly and her family in our hearts and prayers. Molly is starting round 2 of her chemo now and so far so good. You can read updates on her and the family over on Dave’s blog.

xo Christina






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  1. Steph S Avatar
    Steph S

    Loved this post. Still praying for this “bamboletta”…lil Molly.

  2. Linda Avatar

    Amazing work team Bamboletta and friends. How wonderful to have raised so much to help the family and Molly. Keeping sweet Molly in our prayers. Thank you for the update.

  3. Tara A Avatar
    Tara A

    So Beautiful! I’m tearing up just reading about all of your generosity and kindness (and of course all of the wonderful crafters, bidders, and Bamboletta ladies). I wish I could have taken part, but we are going through some financial issues right now- I’ve still been following the auction though, and am so please how awesome it did!
    We are in BC too, and have been following Molly’s story too (with lots of prayers and good thoughts) for such a sweet and brave wee one.

  4. Shannon Stamps Avatar
    Shannon Stamps

    Wow this is amazing, the generosity is contagious! What a great post to read before I turn in for the night. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Sarah R. Avatar
    Sarah R.

    Awwww. Now I’m crying. Again.

    Good luck, Baby Molly. SO MANY people are sending you love and prayers and kindness.

    What a wonderful community!

    What kindness and AMAZINGNESS. (See?! I can’t even think of anything else to say – I’m staggered AGAIN by this amazing group of people!) I am so happy just to get to feel like one small link in this powerful chain of love. See what people can do?! WOW! :o)

    P.S. – Chrystal, Christine, Jan, the Wagners, and everyone else… you ROCK!

  6. cheryl Avatar

    Wonderful! I just love the story of all the kindness. I often tell my daughter its not just a Bamboletta but what stands behind it, a woman who loves what she does. People who belive in what she does. All the kind people who support her wonderful talent. Still saying prayers for Molly. What a amazing thing you guys did!

  7. Shari Avatar

    Wow, that really brought tears to my eyes. You women can move mountains 🙂 The kindness from the Wagners, Jan, et al is astounding. When people forget about the good in the world they should just come right over here and read this post…..

  8. Annie Avatar

    The kindness and generosity of others never ceases to amaze me. Lovely story.

  9. Jean and Randy Avatar
    Jean and Randy

    Thank you for uniting an entire community of mommies towards the support of Molly. We were so proud to be involved in your efforts in a very small way. And we appreciate all of the friends we met on our personal journey here. Congratulations for a successful, wonderful, and loving job! xoxo

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