This little video was taken a few days ago. Ben is teaching Jasper about trucks. My little boy is obsessed with trucks. I never knew the difference between a backhoe and a frount end loader before Benjamin came into my life 🙂

I put a new doll up for sale on Natural Pod. Her name is Eva. I knew an Eva in my childhood and she really liked pink. I don’t usually do my dolls in all pink, I think the market is saturated with pink for girls. But, sometimes it’s pretty darn cute. Like my boy and trucks..lots of little girls just like pink. Is it us as parents that push it on them? I don’t think so. I mean go into any kids shop or toy store and you are bound to see the stereotypes but there is some reasoning behind it. I used to think it was social conditioning that had boys playing trucks and girls wearing pink but I know ,as a parent myself, I certainly didn’t encourage it. I make dolls for goodness sake!! It seems to just be something innate, from when Ben was about 9 months old his face would light up when a truck rumbled past. And his first word…truck.






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