Bamboletta Love with Brenda and the Gals <3

Hi, friends! I’m so happy to share this story. Brenda has been a very loved and long time customer who many in our Bamboletta community know. I’ve had the pleasure of watching her little ladies grow. I’ve been creating dolls for about 14 years now and I can not tell you how soul warming it is to see your kids grow and then see siblings added and your family grow – it’s kinda the best <3 So, here is Brenda’s story!

We were lucky to learn about Bamboletta dolls when my one year old niece had her birthday party. I had never heard of a Waldorf doll or the company. I immediately fell in love and began to learn as much as I could about this wonderful company! Christina it has been a huge joy and honor to meet you and call you a friend! I still remember when the dollmaker elves came together to help out where we could! An amazing group of friends I will cherish forever. I never had any fear of Evie loving any doll she was giving, but Hallie had more trouble finding the perfect bond with her dolls. She loved them and would play with them, but when we adopted Frannie, I was able to see that “connection” she had with this baby doll! She carts her everywhere and I have enjoyed snapping picture after pictures of her and Frannie on their many adventures! I am extremely thankful for these forever friends that my girls have, but also the many forever friends I have made with loving these dolls. Sending tons of love always 💞💗💜💙💚💛❤️

BIG LOVE to you Brenda, Evie and Hallie <3







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