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Team Bamboletta Superstar – Audrey

If you are in our Club group on Facebook (come on over and join!) then you’ll see me mention Audrey quite a bit. Audrey is basically the glue that holds Bamboletta together and is SO amazing that I had to tell you all about her.

When I moved to Vancouver 3 years ago from Cobble Hill I was leaving all my home sewers and production over there as well. I could have started again in Vancouver – it would have made sense to have the sewing mamas close by and start fresh but I just couldn’t do this to all the ladies. They are wonderful women and incredibly skilled! Audrey proved the solution to keep things humming along on the Island and be the bridge between Vancouver and them. Audrey makes sure all the women get their dolls each week, that all the proper materials get to the right people, goes through every. single, doll and makes sure it’s sewn just right, winds all the doll hair and occasionally runs to the fabric store and grabs elastic when it’s needed. This is just a small sampling of her work – Audrey is indispensable to the running of Bamboletta and there couldn’t be a kinder and more capable woman doing it. I am so grateful to her.

So, I had a little conversation with her today, interview style …

me: How long have you been with Bamboletta?
A: 9 years!

Audrey started with us as a sewing mama, sewing up the BEST Sitting Friends we ever did see 😉 She did this while working for BC Ferries as a ticket agent .. sometimes sewing while waiting to usher cars onto the Salt Spring Island ferry. Tired and sick of the corporate job she took the plunge and joined Bamboletta full time. And now look at us <3 Before working at BC Ferries, Audrey owned a diner in Quebec, managed a hotel and did other hospitality type of jobs. I think this experience is why she is so genius at taking care of the ladies!

me: What would fans be surprised to know about your process?
A: I often have no premeditated plan of what I’m doing with the hair when I’m winding it up. Of course we try to take care of as many requests as possible but sometimes the hair comes in from our dyer Andrea that morning and I’m winding it that afternoon so sometime I never know what’s going to happen!e

me: What’s the best part about working for Bamboletta?
A: I love the beautiful community online and with the women who sew for us. I also love the flexibility and variety in what I do. I’m able to work when I want  – this is very handy as I have a strawberry farm as well!

me: What is your favourite part of Bamboletta magic?
A: I LOVE when people send us pics of their kids and their dolls. It’s nice to see our work appreciated and loved like it’s supposed to.

me: What do you like to listen to while working?
A: I like podcasts – my favourite being ‘Idea’s’ on CBC and I also like audiobooks.  I just finished ‘A Man Called Ove’ that was really great.

me: Why is a cherished relic from childhood?
A: A stuffed yellow St. Bernard named ‘Sleepy’ – I still have him!

me: What is your favourite quote?
A: ‘You don’t need anybody to tell you who you are or what you are. You are what you are!’  – John Lennon

We love you, Audrey! She’s a bit quiet online so this is lovely for all you to get to know her a little more <3


Sharyl Henry - August 21, 2017 - 10:08 am

Love this sweet little interview with Audrey. It is so nice getting to know the wonderful Bamboletta team in this way. Thank you for sharing. Hugs, Sharyl

Sharyl Henry - August 21, 2017 - 10:11 am

Love this sweet little interview with Audrey. It is so nice getting to know about the wonderful Bamboletta team in this way. Thank you for sharing. Hugs, Sharyl

Lillie - August 23, 2017 - 7:59 pm

I was sitting here without the TV on & without reason or rhyme this showed up. Odd bc I’m not really into Twitter, for that matter Facebook is almost rare for me. I saw these dolls & my heart started to beat. Even faster than the sadness in my heart & the pain in my head. I had to read. I do remember her kind face and I loved reading the interview, so much so it made me cry. Good friends, good help, good taste, just good company is hard to find & she’s even a good story teller! Thank you for the smile. It couldn’t have come at a better time in my life.

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Comments like these make me incredibly happy ….

  • jennifer_mercado_Someone met her soon to be new best friend today and it was a giant blur of hair, smiles, and “oooh wook at her tiny socks! Awww! Wook at her bwue eyes like me!” 😍 thank you @bambolettafor making the perfect little special friend 💕

You know what I hold near and dear in my heart when I create dolls? It’s actually not a what, it’s a who .. her name is Elisa Eliza and she was my doll from about 6- 10 years old. I LOVED her fiercely and still think back to our time fondly. She now lives at my home on a shelf in my room along with a few of my special Bamboletta’s. What comfort, safety and coziness I felt when I had her around. I can still remember how she smelled, the texture of her hair and her squishy body. She wasn’t based on a character that would limit her play to being ‘that’ person, she was who I needed her to be. Her body was squishy, quite like mine was and still kinda is 😉 She never felt foreign to me as some dolls did with their hard bodies and womanly ‘attributes’.  Childhood is a magical realm and I’m glad I had her as a companion. This feeling is what I dream of for children – it may seem trivial to us adults but as a child a doll can provide a feeling of contentment. And I think my adult collectors are drawn to the dolls for the same reason – there is a comfort in the dolls.

Hope everyone has a great weekend,


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Kinley + Susy

Do you know how hard it was to choose a winner for our Bamboletta Love contest? So hard, I ended up just choosing someone randomly! And that lucky person was Jessica H with her story of her little lady Kinley and Suzy! I will be posting other stories here on the blog from time to time, because who doesn’t love doll and child stories?  Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who submitted a story – I wish I could have given each of you a doll <3
My daughters babies are more than just dolls. They are friends, secret keepers, hair dressing customers, shopping companions, bedtime snugglers. They bring out the innocence and creativity of a child.
My daughter Kinley begged me for close to a year for a sibling (she is currently almost 4). Being so little she had no idea that a request like that isn’t so easy for mommy. Mommy has PCOS and one of the top symptoms is infertility. PCOS is the leading cause for infertility in women. Every time she asked “mommy, when can we pick out my new baby at the store?” My heart both chuckled at her sweet innocence and broke because I may never be able to give her the sibling her little heart desired.
Luckily after getting referred to an amazing doctor and taking several meds including fertility meds (like I did to get pregnant with my sweet Kinley), I got pregnant! Kinley was beyond thrilled with the news. Right from the start she was determined to be a wonderful big sister. She practiced burping, swaddling, feeding, clothing, singing and shushing her Bamboletta dolls. She had the shush, swaddle and bounce all down by the time her little brother made his appearance. Lol!
She spends hours perfecting their hair dos and pretend make up. Picking out perfect outfits for birthday parties, tea parties and holidays. She was gifted a baby doll Tula carrier just like mommies and now baby wears like a pro. She will stop dead in her tracks during a walk because Suzy is crying and needs a bounce.
Every one of her dolls is named Suzy. That was the name she picked for our baby, who much to her surprise ended up being a boy. So therefore all her babies have taken over her beloved name choice. Haha
You can barely tell but the last pic (our pregnancy announcement) Kinley is reading the “I Am A Big Sister” book to her Bamboletta baby doll.
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Your New Favourite Thing … Wax Fabric

Not sure what’s happening to my video but you can see the video here on YouTube!

You know, whenever I use plastic kitchen wrap I get this feeling of guilt and sadness for using it. Environmentally it’s a catastrophe and then I hate to think of the chemicals rubbing off on the food it’s covering. I’ve found a solution that works in most cases – beeswax fabric!

So, what is Beeswax Fabric? It’s simply cotton fabric that has been treated with beeswax. I’ve been buying it from Whole Foods for years now and love it. But then I saw a post on Instagram about how to make it and I could not believe how easy it was. Seriously, so easy. I was so excited to share this info I made a video showing you how to make it – I didn’t even bother to change or put make up on. Still in my yoga clothes, yup, that stoked on the wax fabric.

Here’s what you’ll need …
Beeswax – candle or block. I used maybe a 1/2 cup worth of wax and had so much left over. You don’t need much.
Jojoba Oil – must be the natural unscented stuff.
Parchment Paper
Cookie Sheet
Fabric cut in various squares. I like to experiment here with the sizes and have a variation to fit over jars and bowls. 1/2 a yard is plenty and I just use quilting cotton but muslin would work as well.
Cheese Grater or Food Processor with the grating attachment.

Okay – so here’s the steps. SO easy you will love it! I was to much of an eager beaver to get started and didn’t cover my work area in newspaper – I would highly recommend you doing this beforehand.

1. Break down and grate your wax into small pieces. You want to break it down into pieces like you would grate mozzarella for pizza. Also, cleaning tip, the wax comes right off your stuff if you use soapy hot water. Then turn on your iron – about med hot works.

2. Cut your fabric into various size squares.

3. Line your cookie sheet with parchment paper. Then put down a square (just one at a time!). Sprinkle your fabric with the wax chips lightly – again with the food analogy – like you are covering a pizza with cheese lightly.

4. Sprinkle your jojoba oil on the fabric .. as you would olive oil on focaccia! Then cover your fabric with another layer of parchment paper.

5. Iron the fabric, pressing the wax into the fabric. Really squish it in there! Flip it and iron the other side.

6. Wait a few minutes and then peel the parchment paper back. And there you have it! Wax Fabric!

So, here’s some more advance tips. If you sew, I’d zigzag the edges of the fabric so that it doesn’t fray. Also, you can cut big pieces and fold them over to make bags to store dry goods in or sandwiches.

To clean them, we just wipe ours down with a damp cloth and some soap and leave them out to dry. I’ve had a few pieces for YEARS.

It may take a few tries to get the level of wax right for the fabric you are using. It’s really a case of not too much or too little.

And there you have it! Beeswax Fabric 🙂


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Why, hello! And a Contest :)

Okay, I am hanging my head in shame .. it’s been ONE year since I blogged. I think because Instagram has sort of taken over my online life I sort of forgot blogging. But then when I went through this whole website redesign and started re reading my blog and got a little bit nostalgic. Even of no one reads it it’s a nice little journal of my Bamboletta journal.

So, new website! Have you had a look around? I am so excited about how it’s looking and functioning. And those illustrations? How super cute are they?

So, while going through the site I kinda got lost in a bit of reverie while reading some of the Bamboletta Love stories. Stories that customers have sent me about their kids relationship with their dolls, what the doll means to them and the friendships that have developed. So I got an idea .. I’m asking you to send me your Bamboletta Love story (with pictures if possible!) and I’ll choose one story to win a custom Forever Friend! Please send your submissions to and I’ll choose a story by Friday at midnight PST. By submitting a story you agree to have them published on here and social media. I want to spread the looooovvvee.

It’s so nice to be on here again and I promise to come back more often. I’ve missed this. Tonight I’m going to work on another post on how to make waxed fabric to use instead of plastic wrap .. how cool is that? That will be up soon!

Thanks for reading!


Stacey Holt - June 22, 2017 - 7:42 pm

My little 3 year old girl Soleil loves her Bamboletta Baby Annie.
Soleil was given her Baby for her 1st Christmas & Sol is not a real girly girl.
Soleil has taken a couple of years to start to love dolls but her “baby” is her favourite.
Sol has to take her baby to bed each night but before bed the baby has to have her onesie on, her night cap on & wrapped in her blanket.
Soleil sits on her bed a lot & just talks to her baby, telling her all sorts of stories & having conversations with her.
Sol looks at her “baby” with total love in her eyes.
For a girl that loves digging in the garden, playing in the dirt, being on her Skateboard or playing with her trucks & cars it’s so nice to see that she has a special friendship with this beautiful quality handmade “baby” that will be with her for her whole life.
Thank you for making a lifetime friend for my beautiful daughter.

Brittany - June 22, 2017 - 8:53 pm

Hello!! While my bamboletta love story doesn’t involve my daughter (yet), it will soon. One day many years ago I was browsing through the stores in whip letter junction and came across this wonderful little store. There were dolls everywhere and each one unique with their own personality. At that time I had no children of my own and no friends with kids. As soon as I saw these dolls I knew I would love for my future children to have a forever friend. Because that’s what I saw in these dolls. Handmade with love and care, which would last to be passed down to my children’s children. I now have a 5.5 month girl (Ashlyn) who I love with all of my heart. I cannot wait to see her playing and adventuring with a dolly friend. I have held onto that feeling from the first time I saw a bambolleta doll and it has blossomed ever since Ashlyn has joined her father and I. This may not be a child’s love story for a doll but instead a mothers love story for her daughter and a doll.

Crystal Sullivan - June 22, 2017 - 9:39 pm

Oh I love this! ! The only way we could afford one for my daughter is the contests you offer! ! My daughter…lily (our only girl…3 boys too ) would love this! Your dolls are beautiful! Thanks for this opportunity to enter!


Crystal Sullivan - June 22, 2017 - 9:40 pm

Oh I love this! ! The only way we could afford one for my daughter is the contests you offer! ! My daughter…lily (our only girl…3 boys too ) would love this! Your dolls are beautiful! Thanks for this opportunity to enter!


Thank you

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