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Staff Pick!

Good Friday Morning Friends!!

It’s a beautiful morning here in Bamboletta-Land and everyone’s busy with stuffing, nose making and body making 🙂 Our resident cutie, Brandi, got the lucky pick this morning and she chose Beatrice!

Hair styled by: Brandi

Clothing sewn by: Thamar and Nicole

Likes: Playing with dolls

Dislikes: Peas unless they are straight from the garden

Why she chose her: “I fell in love with the blonde hair and brown eyes.”

Our upload is scheduled for 12pm PDT today (Friday). For information on how to get our dolls, please click here.

See you at noon!

Brooke and Brandi


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Staff Pick!!

Hello Friends and Happy Thursday!

As some of you know (but our new friends might not), we post a weekly feature called ‘Staff Pick’ where one of the studio members chooses their favourite doll of the week that will be in tomorrows upload. This week our resident Dutch beauty, Thamar (who sews all the doll clothes), got the lucky pick! She chose the sweet Cuddle Doll ‘Soda’, the dark tan beauty with the gorgeous rainbow locks.

Clothing sewn by: Thamar

Hair styled by: Shauna

Likes: Movie nights

Dislikes: Monsters under the bed

Why she chose her: “I couldn’t resist her sweet face and fun coloured hair!”

Our doll upload is scheduled for tomorrow (Friday) at noon PDT.

See you then!


Brooke and Thamar

Peggy Knowski - August 15, 2013 - 5:04 pm

Love her!!!

jennifer - August 16, 2013 - 1:26 pm


I was wondering what happened with your coloring contest. Are you going to post the winning one on your blog?

Thanks. : )

admin - August 21, 2013 - 8:45 pm

Hey Jennifer! The winners were posted on our Facebook Page! Thanks! Christina

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An Icy Drink

Want to treat you little ones to something nice and cold but the freezer is empty and the cubbies don’t look promising either?

Here is a way to make your sunny summer afternoon a little cooler!

All you need is:


-ice cubs

-concentrated juice

-a glass

Step one:

Put a whole bunch of ice cubes in a blender and shave it until it’s all the cubes have turned into a pile of white snow.

Step two:

Put the shaved ice in a glass and poor some juice over it.

Step three:

Sit in the shade and enjoy your drink.



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Camping on the Island

We live on such a beautiful island! We’re very blessed to have a variety of provincial campgrounds scattered throughout the island and it’s many small coastal islands. My son and I were very lucky to have had a camping trip this summer at a place called Englishman River Falls .

Every year, before our camping trip starts, we fill the car up with our equipment, buckle up, and take a snap shot of the two of us ready to leave! It’s one of our favourite past times together, and we’re so full of excitement and anticipation of what will happen on our trip!


Englishman River Falls is a campground set beside some incredible waterfalls that end with a crystal clear pool of ice cold water! So cold it’ll take your breath away, but so refreshing on a hot summer’s day!


Very close to the falls is one of our favorite places to visit. It’s a little town called Coombs. For those of you that have been there, it’s the ultimate place to grab an ice cream cone, local produce, and watch the goats climb around on a roof. They have a large courtyard full of stone sculptures for the children and young at heart to play on, as well as a small castle for kids to walk through and climb up! My son thought the castle was pretty cool and loved being able to sit on one of it’s roof tops!

Another place we visited was a beautiful place called Cameron Lake. It’s about a 15 minute drive from Englishman River Falls, and a great place to spend the day. Lots of sun, and nice cool breeze, and amazing trees with roots above the ground to climb on and explore!


Of course a camping trip wouldn’t be complete without a nighttime campfire paired with beautiful sunsets through the trees! At night, we would sit around the campfire singing songs, and telling stories!


Our camping trip was a magical experience for the two of us, a great union of nature, and love for each other and extended family.




Tanya W - August 9, 2013 - 1:54 pm

Englishman River Falls is one of my very fave places on the Island! It is so incredibly beautiful there. Coombs is a Wellburn family favourite~ my kids love to browse the shops and have ice cream. Your camping holiday looks amazing~ how fun that your extended family all came along too!

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Staff Pick!!

Good Thursday Friends!

It’s our weekly edition of Staff Pick and I am the lucky gal of the week this week. I don’t even know if it was my turn, but I absolutely fell in love with one of the dolls (although all the gals and I agree, they’re all really awesome this week!) and her name is Naomi, aptly named after my sweet ginger sister.

Clothing by: Thamar

Hair styled by: Shauna

Likes: Going to outdoor concerts

Dislikes: Long train rides

Why I chose her: Well, who wouldn’t fall in love with a doll that reminds them of someone they love?

Our upload is scheduled for tomorrow (Friday) at 12pm PDT.

See you all then!!



Kat Thornton - August 8, 2013 - 4:34 pm

She was my pick too, I just love her! Nice choice, Brooke!

Cassandra - August 8, 2013 - 4:38 pm

I agree! Always fun to see a doll that looks like a loved one!

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