I heart Kate Nash

John spends a lot of his time in his car driving around all day for work. For his Christmas present this year I got him Sirius radio for a year. Declaring Canadian radio ‘really terrible’, he has embraced satellite radio with open arms. Much to his delight BBC Radio One is one of the stations that he gets, a great reminder of home (John is originally from Liverpool).  Anyhow, almost daily he comes home and heads straight for the computer to YouTube a new song that he’s heard on his daily commute. A few days ago he downloaded Kate Nash and her song ‘Foundations’, I heard it once and was in love. It’s happy and witty and a great start to spring. Her video is a funny reminder of ex boyfriends and the funny side of breaking up, I know all my friends back in Vancouver can relate to it. There is a brilliant scene where Kate opens a closet and all her boyfriends skateboards fall out into the hallway- lol- been there!

Ben at this moment is playing with the printer making copies of scribbles that he’s done..probably using up all my black ink, but it keeps him busy for a few minutes for me to work a little bit.


Milena is up on Etsy today.

I’ve got a great bunch of dolls heading Natural Pod’s way this week, there are about 10 dolls in the works for them. Very exciting!

Meike - March 12, 2008 - 2:18 am

I always wonder how you manage to make so many wonderful dolls with two small kids to look after – you must be Supermom! :)))

P.S. Going to look up that song now, happy and witty sounds right up my alley right now.

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