i heart etsy

I knew that there was business information on etsy through the community section, but I didn’t know there was THAT much information! Fantastic. If anyone is starting their own business or looking for information in regards to any aspect of running a small business, please check this out. My personal fav is the ‘Quit your day job’ series where I found this lovely quote..

“Small is good. Small is enough. I learned from one of my jobs: more clients, or bigger clients, don’t translate to better work; you might make a little more, but you’ll have to work a lot more.”

This is from an article from Etsy seller ashleyG . Brilliant. They have a good blog too… as you may have guessed Jasper and I are spending loads of time in frount of the computer lately, lots of nursing right now.

Christine - June 17, 2008 - 4:24 am

Great tip, I’ll check it out! Don’t know if I ever will start something, but I like to dream about it.

Christine from the NL

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