My Little Secret

I’ve never made Ben a doll. He has a few dolls, but they are ones that just didn’t turn out quite right, never sold at markets or are an older style that I’m not wanting to sell. He’s never taken to any of them prefering to play with his trucks or trains, playing farm, kitchen or store..but never, ever with his dolls. I used to think that boys played trucks and girls played dolls due to social conditioning and I was convinced that my son would play with dolls and his trucks..ha, many of us thought that?

Anyways, the past few weeks I’ve noticed an increase in his imaginative play. He’s making voices for his different trains and using some of his gnomes to retell stories that I’ve told him. I asked him today if he’d like me to make him a doll and rather then the ‘no mama, it’s okay’ he responded with an enthusiastic ‘YES!’. My heart sang, it is the right time for Benjamin to have a doll. His name will be Toby, he has tan skin, brown eyes and red hair (interesting combo..but he picked it) I already had the body made so Ben’s doll will be made for when my sweetheart wakes up, I will work hard tonight to get the hair sewn on and face embroidered.

I’ll post a pic tomorrow.

Still no baby, but I guess you probably figured that out by now ๐Ÿ™‚

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New Style Doll

I’ve made a new style of doll. Well, it’s not really a new style, it’s my large baby doll. I took the body and made a doll that , what I think, look like a toddler. Her limbs are all jointed which means they all move independently. I just posted her on for sale. I love this tan skin tone with the brown hair.

I had such a lovely evening last night with a few good friends at this wonderful restaurant in Shawnigan Lake called Steeples (it used to be a church). It was so nice to have a long conversation not interupted with children. Sitting on the deck in the evening sun, I felt like just me..not a mom or a wife, but me – it was long overdue. This is one thing that I really miss about Vancouver. It was so easy to just meet up for coffee or grab a bite to eat with a pal. Here, you tend to stay home (really because it is such a nice place to be!). Anyways with my great new friends I’ve made and some more old friends moving to the ‘hood – I think evening teas will become more frequent.

Still no baby. I’m thinking it’s not coming until Christmas now. I had an acupuncture treatment yesterday to try to speed things along. No luck today.

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About Half Way Through…

I made some great progress yesterday. John was off work and took care of Ben yesterday for long periods of time. I’ll get the same today, the boys are headed to the trains for the afternoon.

I got 4 bodies assembled, 1 complete and I’m starting the large Babies hair. I’m going to try to post the doll that Ben is holding today on . I’m going to try something a tad different with my large baby doll and dress him/her in clothing rather then a sleeper, so like a little toddler and not so much a baby. I’ve done this for customers before and I’ve always got feedback when I’ve done it.

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I’ve always wanted to document how my dolls progress. What a better way then with a blog! So this is 2 days worth of work. It’s quite a bit this time because I’ve done NO housework in 2 days and we haven’t gone out much due to the gloomy rain. I’m making 3 babies and all their limbs are done and assembled to the bodies, the heads are made and it’s all ready for assembly. Last night I actually finished a doll..I’ll take a picture and post her tomorrow. John was in my workshop on the computer entranced by You Tube (he’s only just discovered it) while I sew. It’s a nice way to spend an, aside from being interrupted every 10 minutes with “Hey, love, look at this goal that Liverpool scored – this was back in ’84.. I remember this goal, whoa what a cracker that was, blah, blah, blah”.

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How I start my week..

This is how my work ‘week’ usually starts. My work week goes for 7 to 10 days depending on what I have to do. This one that I’m in right now is for 2 small babies, 2 14″ Bambolettas and a large baby. I break my schedual down by day and try to follow it as best I can. Everything goes in the basket, thread, scissors, fabrics, name it. This way I have a portable work station to take with me everywhere.

No new baby news. Just ready for him/her to make it’s appearance ๐Ÿ˜‰

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