A few days ago John and Ben went into Vancouver leaving me alone with Jasper for the whole day. When Benjamin was this age I remember feeling so proud if I managed to get a load of laundry done. Now, alone with Jasper, I went and did a massive grocery shop (at the bg yellow store..has anybody checked out their kids clothes? Organic baby clothes..at the big yellow store!! who knew?!) did 2 loads of laundry, made cookies, finished up a doll, organised Ben’s playroom and my new workroom AND managed a shower. Hmmm, if I knew then what I know now..lol! I’m sure mom’s with 3 children say the same thing about mom’s that only have 2 children!

This pic is of ben’s new playroom that used to be my old workspace. I moved my workroom downstairs to seperate my work from home. I have an lady starting to work for me on Tuesday 3 days a week doing some cutting and sewing, I really like her and hope that this will work out. More about that on my next post, Ben is begging me to make voices for all his trains…again!!

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This week has been really interesting. John and I have been looking at the business side of the dolls, material costs, time costs, etc. It’s all a huge mathematical equation. I am so impressed with my husband and his business knowledge, I have no idea about this stuff. I’m so lucky to have him.

I should be posting a new 12” tomorrow, I just have to make her clothing today and I’m working on 2 14″ dolls, one for sale and one custom fairy. I look forward to doing the fairy, the customer supplied the hair (yarn) and it’s a beautiful handspun cotswald yarn, all twirly and bumpy..it’ll look great. This pic is of my new pouchy dolls that I just put up for sale on naturalpod.com, some of them use my new fabric from superbuzzy.

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Blanket Dolls

This week I’ve been working on these blanket dolls. They are really fun to make and so snuggly to hold. I love the simplicity of their design. I decided some time ago to make my blanket dolls using only organic materials. These dolls are meant for babies and we all know how much babies love to ‘explore’ their toys (ie chew) so it was important for me that these dolls have no chemicals on them. I also made them so they can be washed by making their head extra firm as to not loseWeight Exercise shape while washing. I just ordered in a heap of organic velour that I am going to experiment dying so that I can get some different colours. I got a natural dye kit from Maiwa in Vancouver that I’m itching to use. Fun times!

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I think I have a ‘high need baby’. The little man doesn’t ever want to be put down, he’s fussy and irritable and is constantly wanting to eat! It’s a good thing he’s so cute I tell you, even his crazy seal pup looks make me melt! Jasper is the total opposite of what Benjamin was as a baby. I could even tell this when he was inside my belly, kicking about, always moving. I’ve come to really appreciate slings. I am a self confessed sling junky, owning 8 different types of carriers in total. By far my favorite is the Karma baby carrier, you just pop him in and out, it folds up small and best of all it’s in organic cotton! I love it, it gives me comfort. I’ve been able to sew with him in the sling, play with Benjamin, and even make an apple crisp! (not around the oven though..that’s bad..) Anyway, Karma slings are available at www.naturalpod.com in the baby section. Not that I’m trying to sell you anything, I just really love this sling and want to spread the joy ๐Ÿ™‚

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Oh jeeze, 10 days since my last post… the shame!

I’ve been shipping the gals off to different publications for their ‘holiday gift guide’ issues. I don’t want to say which ones, because who knows what can happen between now and then. I’d feel a bit embarrassed if I was talking about them and then for some reason it doesn’t happen ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyhow, I let you know when it happens.

It’s been blanket doll time here at chez Platt. The school store at the VWS starts up soon and I need to stock up on my smaller items, ie blanket and pouchy dolls. (*oh my goodness! I just peeked into my sling and baby Jasper gave me his second ever smile..sniff, sniff!*) I did make a large doll too, Celeste, who is one of my favorite dolls that I’ve ever made. Next week I start to work on some baby dolls.

We went to Vancouver for a short visit and to stock up on fabrics, thread and such. We stopped into the aquarium for Benjamin and took in the dolphin show. This is a shot from the seal exhibit. The aquarium is one of 3 things I miss about Vancouver (1. ikea, 2. sushi and 3. the aquarium) There are people I miss too, obviously, but these are my three things.

christina at bamboletta - September 29, 2007 - 7:38 pm

Thanks Berrie!! I look forward to my pile of goodies from you!!

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