Ben’s really into puppets lately. I have this set of really cute fingerpuppets that he likes to ‘work’ with. It’s super cute. I’m trying to prey him away from Thomas the Tank Engine and get him into other things. I check the recall lists daily just in case another train has been added to the list. It’s been a heartwrenching ordeal for the little man when every once in a while mama has to take a train away.

I’ve got a new batch of girls up for sale on Natural Pod this week. I even managed to get some pouchy dolls made. Next week I’m working on some more babies and the following week will include some boy dolls (finally).

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It seem the damp, dark days of November are upon us. Luckily I have these super cute hats from Cosyknits I just love them to bits!

I’m working on finishing up five dolls to post up on Natural Pod for Friday. I have a 14″, 2 -17″ dolls and 2 -16″ babies.

nathalie - November 19, 2007 - 9:10 am

what a cute little man!!!! love the hat!

nathalie - November 19, 2007 - 9:11 am

what a cute little man! love the hat!

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Bridgitte and Tracey from Natural Pod have put together a Holiday Toy Market this weekend at the Pixie Hall on Watson Street in Cobble Hill (just south of Fisher). They have been working really hard to pull together the most fantastic toys for the website and their upcoming events. This weekend’s event runs on Saturday from 9am to 4pm . Also, a congrats to Bridgitte for getting Natural Pod into Vancouver Magazine!

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How do you do it?

I get asked this question all the time. I suppose with a 3 month old, a three year old, husband, house, business and dog I’m a pretty busy gal. I think I integrate all these things through my daily life so it becomes my day, not seperate things on my ‘to do’ list. I sew while amusing my three year old by making voices for all the characters in his head and at the same time cuddling Jasper in the sling. I’m writing this right now with Jasper asleep over my shoulder, his funny newborn breathing is keeping my neck damp.

devon - November 6, 2007 - 4:30 pm

You got the cuddlywrap! It’s been too long… I think work is getting in the way of our personal lives! Looks good – V lived in hers.

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I am so excited! I found out that I am in Mothering‘s ‘Best Natural Toys of 2007′ this year! Bridgitte from Natural Pod sent them some samples a few months ago and I wasn’t sure if they had made it or not. In my dreams they would have put one of my dolls in but they put in BOTH!! This is the biggest compliment to my work I think that I can have. Mothering is by far my favorite magazine, it’s like a trusted friend on my bedside table. To know that I wasn’t alone in my parenting ‘style’ was so comforting to me..especially with my first born. It gave me confidence to parent the way that I wanted to, the way that felt right. I am so honored by this. Now, where do I find ten copies in my small little Cobble Hill?

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