What makes you happy


George Michael makes me happy. My gal Julie brought over the best of George CD about a week ago and it’s been on 24/7. Well not on all the time, John doesn’t quite feel the same love for George that I do.

I’ve had a few days ‘off’. With my parents here to give me a much appreciated few sets of arms ( to play and hold the kids and cook all the food) I’ve been able to have some downtime which has been really great. Baby J has been way more mellow, probably picking up on his mama’s relaxed mood. I’m going to take the dolls down a notch (still making them, don’t you worry!). Seeing how calm he is now really made me realize how much he was picking up on my frantic doll making energy the past few months. My baby wants his mama, this makes him happy.


John re-painted Ben’s playroom on Christmas Eve. I love this purple- it’s a Benjamin Moore one ‘Purple Lipstick’ I believe. We moved out my huge loom and the computer table to make this space his. The next project is to hang a silk canopy and create a little cozy nest in a corner for him to read or hide. Ben is happy with the results.

I gave John Sirius radio for Christmas. The man spends so much time on the road it’s a gift that I know will be appreciated! He had to nip out this afternoon for something and came back with a huge grin on his face. He just spent the time in the car listening to BBC Radio1. My hubby is from Liverpool you can imagine how much he appreciates a little bit of home. I have to admit the radio choices here in the Cowichan Valley are pretty grim.

Everyone is happy.

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Cool Mo Dee


Today I was featured in Cool Mom Pics ‘Best Dolls and Toys of 2007’. Yeah! What an honor! I love CMP so much, it is such a great site. It’s been especially helpful for me to feel somewhat ‘in the loop’ when I am so not ‘in the loop’ at this moment in time. Give me six months and I’ll be right back at it! Anyhow, thanks to the lovely ladies at CMP for choosing my ‘gals’.

I am in serious trouble with all these cookies I’ve been eating. Jeez Louis. I made some Macaroons the other day and aside from John eating 3..I ate them all! I kept waking up in the middle of the night to nibble on them – like a woman possessed! So delicious with a cup of tea. So trashy, yet so easy..here is the recipe.

1-14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk

2 squares of unsweetened chocolate, melted and cooled

4 cups of shredded coconut

Mix it all together. Drop on a cookie sheet and bake for 8-10 minutes at 350 degrees (F)

This pic is of me and Jasper at the park today. Taken by the wonderful Devon.

Good times!

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Christmas Slowdown

I’m feeling a Christmas slowdown right now. I have 3 dolls to finish before Monday, they ship out for early January birthdays. That’s it until next Friday, I’m taking a little break so, unfortunately there will be no postings on Natural Pod for new dolls for the next two weeks.

My parents and sister are coming out to visit this Saturday and staying until Wednesday. I’m totally looking forward to seeing them and eating my mama’s yummy, yummy food. Benji is so excited for Christmas he’s practically vibrating! I’m almost done my Christmas shopping, all thanks to Etsy and Natural Pod (for Ben)! I bought almost everyone’s gift on there except my dad and John. A trip to the bookstore this afternoon will solve that… I hope!   

Hope everyone has a great holiday! 

 PS For some reason, I can’t write in paragraphs.. this program puts everything in one big paragraph, hmmm, please don’t think I have bad grammer! I’m not lovin’ WordPress..no pics, no paragraphs – I have to read the help section. Figured paragraphs out! And pic’s somewhat!

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New Clothes


 As a mom with a small baby and a three year old I don’t get around to doing too much shopping. I also live in a really small town where the shopping is slim pickin’s to say the least. I do have Victoria about 45 minutes away, but it’s 45  minutes away and with a baby, it’s not a risk I’m willing to take. So, I’ve been doing my shopping online. There are some pretty amazing designers out there selling on Etsy. I’m totally in love with Maryink. I bought 4 of their pieces so far..simple, stylish and cozy – what’s not to love?

I seem to somewhat be getting the hang of posting pictures thing.. not quite there yet though.

On the doll front I am finishing up my local customs and will be working on ‘restocking’ Natural Pod with Blanket dolls, Star babies and some more Bamboletta’s.  I will try to have a couple of dolls done for Friday’s ‘upload’ but we’ll see how it goes. 

Ella - December 20, 2007 - 8:47 pm

i just discovered Maryink the other day. i think i’ll revisit and perhaps go shopping too. i am loving the paypal account.

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I love Japanese fabric. My favorite source is Superbuzzy, their stuff is always fresh and the shipping is super quick. I picked up a few of the Enchino fabrics to stretch onto frames and use in my new workspace. Bamboletta is now taking over the guest bedroom. I’m bursting out of my workroom and need more space. It could be all the baby paraphanalia that’s there..the swing, the chair, the basinette…none of which actually keeps my little fussy pants entertained.I’m not too sure how much I’ll have up on Natural Pod this week. Jasper has been having a tough week which means I can’t get a whole lot done. I also had to finish up my custom orders in time for shipping cut off. I’ll see what I can muster up! There are so many dolls I want to make, so many crafts and things I want to finish but my little man is needing his mama. I think his job right now is to stop me from working 24/7 and slow down. I did discover today that he *loves* it when I sing ‘Get into the Groove’ by Madonna…weird. 

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