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Quick and easy lavender pouch!

Step 1: Gather all your supplies:
fabric – ribbon – dried lavender – sewing machine – thread

Step 2: Cut your little pouch out of chosen fabric (size or shape is up to you, I used a piece of cloth from 6″ by 3″)

Step 3: Put face sides of fabric together and place your ribbon at desired location.
Sew around the edges and make sure you leave a spot open (approx 1-2″) so you can fill the pouch.

Step 4: Flip the pouch right sides out and fill with desired amount of lavender and sew the opening close (by hand or with your sewing machine).

collage blog lavender sack 1

Have fun!!


Peggy - June 23, 2017 - 9:14 pm

This is a great first project for a beginner sewist.
It could also be a pillow and pillowcase for your Bamboletta doll.
My students love to make the pillowcases for their dolls out of cute flannel. I use a little vanilla extract in some of the batting instead of lavender as it is more gentle on their nose buds:)

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Tutorial on Paper Bunting

Flags everywhere,

Bunting is a simple way to dress up a room or outdoor space. It makes me allways so happy and in a party mood seeing  these strings full of happiness. Because of that I decorated my house with bunting.

Here at Bamboletta we have in each corner something nice from dolls and bunting to pictures, paintings and cards (lovely cards and paintings we have gotten from you all).

Since we embrace color and love anything that has cuteness to it, here an idea for in your own house.

So my recipe for today is:


*1 newspaper/magazine/colorful paper

*paper (for making a template flag)

*1 scissors

*1 pencil

*String (I bought some string at a nursery, nice and strong)

*1 Glue stick

*1 or 2 hours of your time(or as long as you want)

*1 or 2  empty wall(s) or window in desperate need for decoration

How it works:

-Decide how big you want your flags. I use different shapes and sizes all the time.

-Make a template of the first flag.

-Grab the newspaper/magazine or any other paper you decided to use, and fold the edge towards the middle

-Use template to trace your flag onto the newspaper and make sure the top of the flag is parallel to the fold.

-Cut a few layers in one go.

-Fold 1 flag, you just cut out, over the string and glue both sides and stick the glued sides together.

-Repeat this until you have string of bunting like your desire.

Last but not least……

Decorate one of your empty walls.

Lots of Crafting love,


We have some cloth bunting for sale in our shop right now made from our beautiful Bamboletta fabrics!

Christine - May 30, 2013 - 1:33 pm

Thank you! I will be making these out of paper all summer long 🙂 These are beautiful and we LOVE the one we purchased from the frock upload a few weeks ago!!!! It’s darling in my daughter’s room 🙂

Janine - June 16, 2016 - 9:12 pm

Thanks for this post. I found it while searching home made bunting! Just what we were looking for 🙂

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Studio Tip: Ankles

I have been sewing Bamboletta Dolls for about four years and now I have the pleasure of helping Christina train new sewers.  So much thought, care and loving detail goes into each doll.  Doll making has been a part of humankind for a very long time and at Bamboletta we are so proud to be carrying on the tradition of this ancient craft.

For all of you aspiring dolls makers, in today’s blog I would like to share with you how we try to have our ankles go straight across on our 15″ and Little Buddies.  For me, it is so easy to have the line go all wonky, or start at a point on one side and end up way higher on the other side of the leg.  There are two options, either put pins in on either side of the leg or use a removable fabric pen and mark on the back side of the leg where you want your lines to begin and complete. Making sure to mark the backside or the mark will get lost in the gathering of the fabric.

Happy sewing!
Kim Giovannini - May 21, 2013 - 4:04 pm

Excellent tip!! I use the length of my thumb knuckle… but pins would be more precise. hehe

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Getting to the point, Bamboletta style.

There’s one thing that we do a lot of at Bamboletta, and that would be repetitive motion!  It comes in forms of sewing, hair and fabric cutting, typing at the computer and sewing machine, packing and making boxes, etc.
Throughout the day we’ll pause to stretch and then get back to work. This really helps us maintain our bodies basic needs on a daily basis, but there are times when we need a professional to step in.
Acupuncture seems to be one the favorite therapies of choice for us ladies in the studio.  We’ve used it to help our bodies heal at an excellerated rate.  We’ve used it for carpal tunnel, strained arms, sore arms, backs and shoulders.  Within a few treatments, our symptoms seem to obliterate.
One of our favorite ladies to go see is a wonderful woman from Shawnighan lake called Sarah Tillie. Sarah spent four years studying Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vancouver (as well as time spent in China) and takes an incredible combination of western and eastern medicine to help treat illness and injury. Sarah has a magical touch like no other acupuncturist I’ve met.  We highly recommend her for our local customers to see when their bodies are experiencing aches and pains!
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When I first started stuffing doll arms & legs with chopsticks, I noticed that I was getting really sore on the palms of my hands from the bottom of the chopstick digging into my skin as I pushed the wool tightly into the body parts. I wondered how I could remedy this discomfort.
One night when I got home I saw my son’s leather baseball glove sitting there waiting for me to pick it up. (Fortunately he decided that baseball wasn’t his thing anymore) I brought the glove into the shop and put it on my hand with a tuft of wool between my hand and the glove. The glove was so tight so I took it off and just placed it in between my hand and the chopstick each time. This gave me better grip on the chopstick and the wool helped cushion my hand from the hard wooden end. It really works great for me.
One day I couldn’t find my glove and when I went out for my walk at lunch, I found a new adult sized leather glove laying amongst the array of tea pots sitting in the trees near our studio. It looked like the glove of my stuffing dreams! I checked around with the local folk near the studio and heard that the glove was there for a long time already.  (If you lost a glove near our studio, come on in and you can have it back!)  Even though this glove fits my hand, I still just hold it in between my hand and the chopstick with the cushioning wool inside it. Funny enough the baseball glove mysteriously made it back to my home the same day I found the other glove.
The glove became another inspiration for the many jokes that go on at Bamboletta. Often the glove can be found tightly holding a chopstick without any hand in sight.
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